Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why I Believe Separating Boys & Girls in School

I know she's advanced, but this is rediculous.

Yoav calls me today warning me that when I get the girl at 4, she's got a mark on her face. "Someone took a chomp out of her," he says.

The biter's mother calls me later (before I've picked up the girl) to apologize profusely on her daughter's behalf (which was VERY sweet of her).

So by now, I'm expecting torn flesh, stiches, blood-stained clothing, etc.

Check it out:

A cute little circle! Okay, it was from teeth (not the ones in the background - those are mine), but still, even Sarah Rochel said, "My boo boo doesn't hurt anymore. It got better."

So... what happened?

It was all because of a boy! (I should have known!)

Basically, SR and another girl both ran at the same time to the door to welcome the boy coming in... okay, he's pretty darn cute, I'll tell you - blue hair, blonde eyes, an OLDER man (he's 3). But hello??? You girls are 2-and-a-flipping-half?? Anyway, they got into a dispute over who gets to stand where (at least they weren't asking for autographs, which is good since this kid can't write or anything). Did SR strike first? Entirely possible, although she says she didn't (her account of this event also included backwards sequencing (namely, that the other girl hurt her because SR got the ice on her booboo - huh? A sort of quantum paradox thing - or a misunderstanding of the word 'because' - but I digress)). Fortunately (and I checked with both ganenets) SR has NOT been biting lately at all. But anyway, SR gets a big old chomp.

Apparently it looked a lot worse 'fresh.' Gotta love the Irish skin!

I am TOTALLY in accordance with how the morah handled it (I think she and I have read the same child care books), and SR got all the coddling she needed (i.e. an 'igloo' to eat and an extra to apply to the wound) and the other kid was chastised in a way that SR learns from too, to use words when we're angry and so on.

And when the two girls saw each other later that day, they hollered hello to each other and asked to play at each other's houses. No, I DON'T understand kids.

Does this look like the face of a fighter?

But the point of all this is... boys are icky. Wait, no. The point of all this is... CUTE boys are icky. No no no, what I mean is, the point of all this is...

She's a kid. She's learning. And I'm happy she has a great teacher, happy her friends' parents are a pleasure to deal with... and I'm happy she's happy. Because SR is happy. She's not holding a grudge against anyone, except, possibly, the cats in the backyard.

But she is SOOO going to an all-girls school next year!


Home on the range back in Houston, thank you God for the cold front you sent. Now please send electricity! (I keep trying to email my parents some, but it doesn't go through. Maybe I should fax?)



Faye said...

ok, I realize that this is not the point, but is an igloo like an artik?

Miriam the Mommy said...

Indeed. I think an artic is technically the bigger ice pop things, and an igloo is the little ones. But the terms are kinda sorta interchangeable - at least in my house.

Anonymous said...

That's my grandson you're talking about, and he's just too cute--what're you gonna do?

Brie said...

Unless Kivi has drastically altered his appearance, I'm assuming you meant blond hair and blue eyes right? Poor toch, hopefully her war wound is all better by now!

Miriam the Mommy said...

That's funny - I didn't realize (and no one else did either!) I meant blond hair, blue eyes.

That's so funny I'm not even going to correct it!

And yes, B"H, we are recovered now.

brenda said...

My gannet won't even tell me which kid got bit or which kid did the biting. Policy or something like that... But older kids will tell you the tales...
B"H all is well with us chutz m' a few extra house "guests" along the way. Hope everyone in your family fared IKE ok....