Friday, October 31, 2008

Dawning of a new era!

Not so much time to write, but...

Thursday morning, 1:45 AM... Shulamis Rivka Druyan was born!
(Shulamis comes from Shir Hashirim (Song of Songs), perek 7, passuk 1. Rivka is of course Rivka (Rebecca) Imenu.)

Will write more details after shabbos - we just got home, having signed ourselves out of the hospital (they wanted to keep us for shabbos, and I said... no!)

B"H she's healthy, I'm healthy... and as soon as I get off the computer, SR (hee hee, I can't just write "SR" anymore!), that is, Sarah Rochel will meet Shulamis Rivka. Yes, Shulamis Rivka is the spitting image of Sarah Rochel's baby pictures, except for the luxurious (i.e. spiky) dark hair.

I will take a moment to mention, however, that Shulamis Rivka is an excellent pooper. Bli ayin hara.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Guten moed! Argh! No time for words!

Headlines and blurbs, just headlines and blurbs. I may get to flesh it all out later, but it ain't going to be before (yet another day of) yuntiv starts!

We were fruitful and multiplied!
No, not the baby. Our lemon tree! (Lemon Tree take II, to be specific.) The fruit is technically orlah, so we won't be eating it, but we finally had a lemon! May it be a siman tov of other fruitfulness, amen!

We went to the zoo, like last year, and I think the girl had a better time this year. Moreover, I didn't kvetch too much about the walking around - Yoav said I was a trooper - and we had a lovely time.

We shlepped out yesterday to the Pnei Kedem Kite Festival (don't ask where it was - suffice to say Yoav wouldn't stop so I could take pictures of the big signs we passed that said "No entry to Israelis allowed by law - Palestinian Authority Territory" or something like that... and do not GET me started on the fact that there's a part of eretz yisroel I'm not allowed to go to by law... I'm trying to enjoy my yuntiv over here!). The girl enjoyed it a LOT - she has an especially affinity for kites these days - and she wasn't overly disappointed, thank God, when the free-with-price-of-admission-and-yes-you-got-what-you-paid-for kite we got wouldn't actually get any kind of airbourne ("kite not working!"). Yoav was finally able to get in the air a discarded, homemade kite some kid had left around, so the girl got to "feel the tug" as it were.

Sweet potatoes!
Yes, shmita is over and we are almost starting to recover in the grocery store. I say 'almost' because there are still large gaps in the vegetable and fruit bins. Large gaps. B"H. But after an absence of a couple months, we finally got sweet potatoes back, at a mere 18.90 NIS/kilo (which at today's rate, is about $2.35 a pound). More on prices around here here. I've stopped looking at receipts. It just hurts too much...

Good yuntiv!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Your pre-sukkos dose of yumminess

Vacation schedule has begun, with all the pluses and minuses thereof. Today was our last day of gan (and of work, yay!) "till after sukkis," so Yoav wisely decided to put Her Highness down for a late nap, thus giving us a late bedtime, thus (hopefully!) moving the girl to a sleeping-late schedule, suitable for vacationing. Amen. Bedtime was rather easy, even if it only concluded at 10:30 PM!

The problem is, I'm pretty pooped myself. But I was pretty pooped at like 4 PM, so that doesn't prove anything...

Trying to get something accomplished whilst the girl was still awake (something that is still a challenge to me, alas - me, anxious about getting things done with two? No! Why would you think so?? Aiieee!), I decided to see if she would sort laundry with me. I was actually exceedingly pleased and a little surprised how quickly she grasped the light and dark concepts - I mean, she knows many colors, but to judge their tonal qualities in relationship to each other really IS impressive. Anyway, I was tossing her pieces of laundry from the hampers (and when you're "two haf" it's a lot easier to catch a flailing shirt than, say, a ballie), and she was shrieking with glee that each was light or dark (or white or black, but whatever) and putting each it its pile. Yay!

Finally, we take off her dress and add it to the proper pile, since from laundry sorting we were moving on to bath time. But then she decides to put on some of the dirty laundry. Responsible parent that I am, I took pictures:

Note our choice of rainment: Inside out, backwards shirt from Target, pink Ralph Lauren (!) tushy cover, and two-legs-in-one-hole inside out Carter's pajama shorts. And shabbos shoes. Of course shabbos shoes. What, you think we don't know fashion?

Anyway, we start the bath, and she scurries off to the guestroom (just made up for the incoming sukkos guests) where she's bouncing from bed to bed.
"Sarah Rochel, you need to come to the bathroom now."
"I jumping!"
"I see that, but it's time to take a bath!"
"I want to jump some more. I wait until bath is full. You leave me, you leave me alone and I jump some more and I need my privacy."
"You need your privacy?"
"Oh." (WPO)

Good yuntiv everyone, chag sameach, and remember - we don't bite esrogim!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Shana tova videos

We finally sat down and got some great singing clips for you. Sarah Rochel Druyan - soon to be available on iTunes. (Feel free to just send me 99 cents for each video now. Small change accepted happily.)

The shana tova songs we learned in gan:

Lyrics available here for both songs (scroll down past the first two).

Swimming, swimming, in the swimming pool (lyrics here, although we use a different last line):

Twinkle, Twinkle:

Note she's sort of melding the two verses I've sung her. There are even more listed here, but these are the two she knows (the traditional one and the 'all us travelers in the dark').

And finally, she sang us all a reprise of 'Dip the Apple' but she punned it up. She's punning. In Hebrew, no less!

"Dip the Apple in the Honey" becomes "Dip the Abba in the Honey," and "Shana tova umesuka" (a good and sweet new year) becomes "Shana tova umesukan" (a good and dangerous new year).

Well, 'mesukan' certainly IS a Hebrew term she hears a lot (as in, "Don't pick up the piece of disease-ridden, communist-influenced, flea-infested broken glass in the playground - it's mesukan!")

Anyway, like she says, gmar chasima tova everybuddy! And indeed, have a happy, sweet new ear. :)


Friday, October 03, 2008

Shana tova!

Well, we really shoulda blogged before Rosh Hashana to say shana tova to you all, but... um... things get busy, ya know? The year is still new, so indeed, Shana Tova to you all, and gmar chasima tova - may your good inscription for this year be signed, sealed, delivered, amen!

Now that Rosh Hashana is over, I asked the girl if Morah Shoshana taught her about Yom Kippur yet.
"Yess. Yom Kippur is coming."
"That's right, it is!"
"Yom Kippur is coming to Morah Shoshana's house."

Sarah Rochel was VERY good over Rosh Hashana. She was properly brainwashed into how QUIET she was going to be in shul to hear the shofar - and indeed, multiple lollipops notwithstanding, she indeed was very good and quiet. So I didn't need to go back in the afternoons for the 'women's' shofar blowings, which made for a less stressed afternoon schedule. We really had a very nice yuntiv, with guests we're very fond of and yummy food. Yoav even ventured out to Moshav Zanoach (!) to daven for the amud at the yeshiva there (where he teaches) and was back a little after 2 PM - not too shabby. And Sarah Rochel especially enjoyed the 'seeds' (pomegranate) and she likes dates too - who knew?

Especially delightful was the meal we ate at the Rosenberg's house, where SR declined to eat anything with her father or myself... and then let an 8 year old feed her a whole plate of rice and shnitzel. Thanks, kiddo. The important thing is she DID eat.

I had kinda figured that by now (we're officially 2 and a half! And she'll tell you so, too!) we wouldn't be still so focused on getting enough calories into her. And we're not... well, not TOO bad. But we still haven't really emphasized some eating manners that we'd otherwise want to push, because we're just so happy when she EATS. So last night when she wanted to have me put chicken in her mouth as she reclined on a pillow next to my chair... well, I didn't like it... but I did it, because she was eating. When she chooses to sit at the table, she eats beautifully, so I can't complain too much.

Anyway, it's a new year now, one in which many things will IY"H be changing. Sarah Rochel's favorite topic is after sukkos, when...

1) Bubbie and Zayde are coming
2) Saba and Savta are buying her a tricyle
3) her baby is coming out of Mommy's tummy (beshaah tova!)

That's right - we're in our ninth month now, bli ayin hara, and Sarah Rochel is quite the excited impending big sister. She's already talking about 'her' baby sleeping in her crib (she brought that up, not us, whew!), about her preferences for a little sister and not a brother (you recall the 'baby boys are icky' statement), and lots of other fun things. For example, "When I get very tall I am going to grow a big tummy and have a baby inside." And putting her face very close to my stomach, "We no bite the baby, right?" RIGHT kiddo - dontcha forget it.

And remember that little girl she was fighting with a couple posts ago? "Mommy, when the baby comes out, it will be MY baby, not hers, right?"

So anyway, surprise surprise to all of you who didn't know. Thank God I've been feeling pretty well, although I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't anxious about fasting on Yom Kippur next week... and that pales in comparison to my total Lack of A Clue as to what my life is going to be like with TWO rug runners. But we are drenched in gratitude and awe and adoration of Hashem for giving us the bracha of another pregnancy so 'soon' after the first (when you wait many years for one child to be born, having any kind of wait that is less than the first is especially special). Please God this child will be born at the right time (even if that's when, gulp, my mother isn't in town!), a healthy child, a healthy birth and a long healthy life of Torah and mitzvos - amen!

To that end, ya'll please feel free to daven for Miriam Esther bas Rus. And ditto to that end, please forward me names of people to daven for who are still waiting for this particular bracha to come into their lives as well - labor is considered an eepecially effacious time to pray for those who want children.

We will of course keep you posted on impending events, beshaah tova!

I enjoyed especially the dream I had last night (well, between 5 and 6 AM - we sure do wake up a lot these nights...). Last night I was feeling ESPECIALLY pregnant, like so pregnant that there was no room left for me anymore, you know? So anyway, I dreamt that I went to the doctor, and as soon as I got on the table an image of the baby came up on the screen, like I was SO pregnant that the sensor (I guess the ultrasound sensor) was six feet away and it STILL picked up a picture of the baby.

So the baby was on the screen, a full color view, nice white background... it was a dream, okay? So I cooed at the picture for a few minutes, used MY camera to take a few pictures of the picture... and then they handed me the baby! (Aside: when I was pregnant with Sarah Rochel, I had a dream where we went to the hospital for a day and they took her out of my stomach so we could play for a bit in the special sanitary playground they had there - we played for a while, then they popped her back in and I went home. Nice, right?) The baby was all hunched over and newborn-y, and I covered it in warm blankets and the baby said, "Thank you, that feels much better now." And THEN we all went outside to play. But sorry, no hint as to gender, because outside FIRST the kid was dressed in a black hat, white shirt, white pants... and then a while later, we changed it into a wig (!) and a dress! And all the while the kid is talking up a storm, fully fluently babbling away - much like the Tochterbean we have now. This kid actually looked like SR but with darker hair, a slightly differently shaped face, and a deeper voice. Hmmm!! This MEANS something!

When I woke up, I was so happy I got to spend some time playing with the baby. Unspoken fear, that - that this kid ain't going to get nearly as much direct Mommy play time as Sarah Rochel. And yes, this kid is going to have an older sibling, please God, something that Sarah Rochel would ADORE to have.

Anyway, that's the news. Her Highness (yes, I am concerned about thinking of other royal titles for the next kid) is napping, so I should be busy doing something incompatible with an awake toddler, like running with scissors or something. Have a great shabbos, gmar chasima tova to you all, and a good gebentched yor.

It rained a couple (brief) times last week. How convenient - if we're caught out in a shower, Sroch can stay dry!

With the current schedule, most of the time Abba gets Srochel dressed. Which is fine. But hmm, maybe we're not ready for white shirts just yet...

And when did the 80's come back? Patent leather shoes with turquoise socks, forsooth! Like her shoes, by the way? We foolishly went shoe shopping on erev yuntiv. Remind me NOT to do that again. But she likes them AND they were on sale AND we escaped from the store without any visible wounds.