Monday, October 20, 2008

Guten moed! Argh! No time for words!

Headlines and blurbs, just headlines and blurbs. I may get to flesh it all out later, but it ain't going to be before (yet another day of) yuntiv starts!

We were fruitful and multiplied!
No, not the baby. Our lemon tree! (Lemon Tree take II, to be specific.) The fruit is technically orlah, so we won't be eating it, but we finally had a lemon! May it be a siman tov of other fruitfulness, amen!

We went to the zoo, like last year, and I think the girl had a better time this year. Moreover, I didn't kvetch too much about the walking around - Yoav said I was a trooper - and we had a lovely time.

We shlepped out yesterday to the Pnei Kedem Kite Festival (don't ask where it was - suffice to say Yoav wouldn't stop so I could take pictures of the big signs we passed that said "No entry to Israelis allowed by law - Palestinian Authority Territory" or something like that... and do not GET me started on the fact that there's a part of eretz yisroel I'm not allowed to go to by law... I'm trying to enjoy my yuntiv over here!). The girl enjoyed it a LOT - she has an especially affinity for kites these days - and she wasn't overly disappointed, thank God, when the free-with-price-of-admission-and-yes-you-got-what-you-paid-for kite we got wouldn't actually get any kind of airbourne ("kite not working!"). Yoav was finally able to get in the air a discarded, homemade kite some kid had left around, so the girl got to "feel the tug" as it were.

Sweet potatoes!
Yes, shmita is over and we are almost starting to recover in the grocery store. I say 'almost' because there are still large gaps in the vegetable and fruit bins. Large gaps. B"H. But after an absence of a couple months, we finally got sweet potatoes back, at a mere 18.90 NIS/kilo (which at today's rate, is about $2.35 a pound). More on prices around here here. I've stopped looking at receipts. It just hurts too much...

Good yuntiv!


Brie said...

I was also super excited about sweet potatoes. I just bought them and didn't look at the receipt. Shefa shuk actually did me a favor by not listing a price on the bin, they had the sweet potatoes in the bins labeled "selek" so I didn't think twice- just bought 2 not quite so shnasty ones and made a lovely sweet potato pie for yuntif. feel good, the race is on!

Yitz/Yaffa said...

I sent Yitzy to the store with instructions to buy sweet potatoes IFF they were less than 15 NIS/kg. I had no sweet potatoes for Y"T. But, boy am I looking forward to them, and to banana chocolate chip-anything!

Faye said...

lemon tree very pretty and the lemon flower is sweet, but the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat (especially if it is orlah!!!!)

Shira said...

ah, sweet potatoes! I also made a very much missed sweet potatoe pie for yontif (and froze another one for 'after'). You look fantastic. Feel good!

Debbie said...

HA I love that everyone is obsessing over the sweet potatoes.
cute kid!!

tzipporah moskovitz said...

i went to the shuk today and i believe the mamoth size sweet potatoes were only 12 shekel a kilo! they were either machziki hadat or agudah. happy shopping! and oh and where in the world was the kite festival??

Miriam the Mommy said...

The kite festival was in Pnei Kedem. Go to Efrat. Keep going. Go to Maaleh Amos. Keep going. Pass PA places. Keep going. Third hill on your right, can't miss it.

yaffa b said...

are you going to change your ID to miriam the mega mommy, or miriam the mommy to (SR)^2?