Monday, October 06, 2008

Shana tova videos

We finally sat down and got some great singing clips for you. Sarah Rochel Druyan - soon to be available on iTunes. (Feel free to just send me 99 cents for each video now. Small change accepted happily.)

The shana tova songs we learned in gan:

Lyrics available here for both songs (scroll down past the first two).

Swimming, swimming, in the swimming pool (lyrics here, although we use a different last line):

Twinkle, Twinkle:

Note she's sort of melding the two verses I've sung her. There are even more listed here, but these are the two she knows (the traditional one and the 'all us travelers in the dark').

And finally, she sang us all a reprise of 'Dip the Apple' but she punned it up. She's punning. In Hebrew, no less!

"Dip the Apple in the Honey" becomes "Dip the Abba in the Honey," and "Shana tova umesuka" (a good and sweet new year) becomes "Shana tova umesukan" (a good and dangerous new year).

Well, 'mesukan' certainly IS a Hebrew term she hears a lot (as in, "Don't pick up the piece of disease-ridden, communist-influenced, flea-infested broken glass in the playground - it's mesukan!")

Anyway, like she says, gmar chasima tova everybuddy! And indeed, have a happy, sweet new ear. :)


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Faye said...

"communist-influenced, flea-infested" How exactly does broken glass get that way? S'Roch is freakin adorable, as always. Have a Gmar Tov.