Sunday, October 12, 2008

Your pre-sukkos dose of yumminess

Vacation schedule has begun, with all the pluses and minuses thereof. Today was our last day of gan (and of work, yay!) "till after sukkis," so Yoav wisely decided to put Her Highness down for a late nap, thus giving us a late bedtime, thus (hopefully!) moving the girl to a sleeping-late schedule, suitable for vacationing. Amen. Bedtime was rather easy, even if it only concluded at 10:30 PM!

The problem is, I'm pretty pooped myself. But I was pretty pooped at like 4 PM, so that doesn't prove anything...

Trying to get something accomplished whilst the girl was still awake (something that is still a challenge to me, alas - me, anxious about getting things done with two? No! Why would you think so?? Aiieee!), I decided to see if she would sort laundry with me. I was actually exceedingly pleased and a little surprised how quickly she grasped the light and dark concepts - I mean, she knows many colors, but to judge their tonal qualities in relationship to each other really IS impressive. Anyway, I was tossing her pieces of laundry from the hampers (and when you're "two haf" it's a lot easier to catch a flailing shirt than, say, a ballie), and she was shrieking with glee that each was light or dark (or white or black, but whatever) and putting each it its pile. Yay!

Finally, we take off her dress and add it to the proper pile, since from laundry sorting we were moving on to bath time. But then she decides to put on some of the dirty laundry. Responsible parent that I am, I took pictures:

Note our choice of rainment: Inside out, backwards shirt from Target, pink Ralph Lauren (!) tushy cover, and two-legs-in-one-hole inside out Carter's pajama shorts. And shabbos shoes. Of course shabbos shoes. What, you think we don't know fashion?

Anyway, we start the bath, and she scurries off to the guestroom (just made up for the incoming sukkos guests) where she's bouncing from bed to bed.
"Sarah Rochel, you need to come to the bathroom now."
"I jumping!"
"I see that, but it's time to take a bath!"
"I want to jump some more. I wait until bath is full. You leave me, you leave me alone and I jump some more and I need my privacy."
"You need your privacy?"
"Oh." (WPO)

Good yuntiv everyone, chag sameach, and remember - we don't bite esrogim!

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Debbie said...

I hear you are having VERY chushuva shabbos guests over at Casa de Druyan. Enjoy!!