Friday, November 14, 2008

More pictures, few words

We're making a kiddush this shabbos, we have parents and in-laws in town (yay!), there was a local election this week... you can see why I've been too busy to blog.

Oh. Oh, and apparently I had a baby two weeks ago today. OH.

From the hospital.

"Look, Mom! I can turn my head like this!"

"Hands. We eat hands. Hands good."

After our bath tonight, all warm and clean and mellow. Delicious. Of course, since then (and it's a couple hours now) we've been wanting to eat every 45 minutes. Which is why I'm blogging with one hand. :)

And what of Sarah Rochel??? Dearest readers, we didn't forget about her. A full report on her and Shulamis is forthcoming, never fear.

And now, for the official invitation to our kiddush:


בלב מלא שמחה, נפעם מהתרגשות, ופשוט מתפוצץ מרגשי תודה לקב"ה על כל הטובות וחסדים אשר גמלנו
– ובפרט להולדת ביתנו שולמית רבקה שתחי' –
הננו מתכבדים להזמין את כל קרובינו, ידידינו, מכרינו, שכיננו (וכל מי ששכחנו) לקידושא רבא, בשבת פרשת וירא, לאחר התפילה, באולם שמחות "חסדי ד' – נגילה ונשמחה בם" בחניה. נשמח לראותכם !!

יואב דרויאן ורעייתו

With a heart full of joy, bursting with emotion and totally exploding with gratitude to the Ribono Shel Olam for all the kindness that he has shown us
- specifically for the birth of our daughter Shulamis Rivka שתחי' -
we take great pleasure in inviting all our friends, acquaintances, neighbors (and anyone else we forgot) to a Gala Kiddush this Shabbos, parshas Vayera, after davening, at the Grand Simcha Hall “Chasdei Hashem – Yippee Skippee Yahooey” located in our parking lot.

Yoav and Miriam Druyan


tzipporah moskovitz said...

i wish we could make it but ur the only people we knoe in rbs lol

Mordechai Y. Scher said...

I wish we could be there!

Mazal Tov to all of you (especially the girls for having such lovely parents and grandparents)!

Yitz/Yaffa said...

The kiddush was lovely. May we continue to share in each other's smachot.

nechama gorfinkel said...

sorry i couldnt make it - i had plans before i knew about it, but i heard from those who were there that it was beautiful and the baby is adorable! and we HAVE noticed that there has been a lack of SR the first info on the blog.

brenda said...

I'm sure you had a wonderful event and Yael just celebrated her 2nd birthday so I know all the girly celebrations are so much fun. Can't wait to see more from the beautiful Dryan girls (mommy included) We'll keep watching this space :)

Shira said...

Yoav Druyan V'raayato? Man, you guys are frum! Mazal Tov again :)

Bracha said...

hey! sorry Chava and couldn't make it :( hope you enjoyed the teddy bears! :)