Friday, November 07, 2008

Shulamis Rivka: the birth story

Well, this is the modified birth story, anyway, meaning I'll try to omit some of the more colorful, that is, graphic bits, but this is essentially how labor went.

We had asked Shulamis Rivka to PLEASE just wait until my mother flew in, and then she could be born any time she liked...

I'm 39 weeks + 5 days.
I picked up my mom at the airport at 4 PM.
At 9:15 PM my water broke. Atta girl!

So, get our stuff together, write a card for Sroch to read when she wakes up, call the babysitter, la la la, and off to the hospital. Baruch Hashem, the (big) girl was already sleeping for the night (and indeed, she slept through the night), so some teenaged girls came to spend the night, and we could leave relaxed-ish (like we even drove our car, rather than take an ambulance). On the way the contractions started.

So - get to Shaarei Zedek, contractions are irritating but tolerable. I'm at 3 cm, 80% - not too bad for someone who was induced from 0 at two weeks overdue last time! So I'm in kabalah, I ask for fluids because I know I need a bag before I can get an epidural, and I'm gonna want an epidural!

They say I need to wait... either I need to progress more, or they're just busy.. I don't recall.

Another hour goes by, contractions getting more intense, MUCH more intense, I'm exhausted, my poor mother is having to rub my back hardhardhard constantly (my contraction pains are all in my lower back, and all I want is the dumb bag of fluids so I can get ready for an epidural.

They check me again. Still at 3 cm. Despair, despair! They won't move me to a room until I'm at 4... I explain last time, I didn't progress past 3 until I had the epidural... but they were busy (a woman actually came in and delivered in the kabala while I was there, so they really were busy), my husband is being great and advocating for me but nothing is happening.

Another hour passes. Apparently they came to give me fluids at one point, but it was a two minute break when I was actually asleep and they didn't want to wake me. I tried to stand up (I had been laying on my side all this time), to move things along (since I know laying down isn't an effective position), but I immediately have to lay down again, as I felt faint when standing. I just didn't have the strength.

That brief moment of standing seems to have done something though. The contractions are bad. Badder. Really bad. Sometimes there's a break of a few minutes, sometimes they just run into each other on and on...

The hardest part was it being late at night and my perception that I wasn't getting anywhere, that I was just in non-productive pain. So I'm in pain and exhausted and feeling futile, which is a depressing combination.

I'm hollering to the nurses for fluids, because darn it, if I don't get fluids I don't get an epidural and then I will be in pain FOREVER (you see the logical connection). They holler back they're coming, they're coming. I holler that I'm dying. They holler back I'm not dying, I'm just in labor, it's easy to confuse the two. :) Oh, good, so we all still have a sense of humor, but owwwww!

And then... I tell my mother I feel the need to push, or rather, I feel that my body is starting to push and I can't stop it! She (remember, my mom is the BEST all around, but incidentally she's also a labor and delivery nurse!) says if I need to push, maybe I'm ready to push. And what do I say?

"But I read online that if you push too early you can rupture something, and it's still too early!"

My mother begs to differ, says that maybe it's NOT too early, but remember, I'm tired, depressed and in pain, so cannot be rationalized with. (No comments about how I CAN be rationalized with the rest of the time, please.)

And then, gentle readers, I was indeed pushing. The kabala staff finally decides to move me into a delivery room.

Wheeling into the room, a dozen midwives in the hallways are calling, "Don't push yet!"

We get into the room. I move onto the bed. Mom at my side. The midwives start putting on their gowns, etc, and I say, "I need to push!" and they say, "Don't push!" and I say... "BABY!"

And indeed, there she was, on the bed. :)

As you may expect, THAT got their attention!

So I went from 3 to delivery within one hour. Now, had I KNOWN all that really, really hard stuff was the last phase and transition and the pushing was REAL... it would have changed everything. The pain would have been okay, because I would have known it was productive. I would have LOVED pushing, not have been totally scared of it (because I thought I was damaging something). So that is unfortunate. I'm over it, thank God... but it was challenging.

Shulamis Rivka was 3.4 kilo, a good healthy size. She was crying from the start, a good healthy sign. And boy, does she look like Sarah Rochel. I shall be posting comparison shots shortly. She was a bit yellow, which resulted in some mild concern and a blood test a couple days ago, but it's going away now nicely. And as previously mentioned, unlike her big sister's infancy, we got some nice poop going on. Not a lot, not like those 10-dirty-diapers-a-day babies, but nice, healthy amount.

Baruch Hashem! Baruch Hashem! Baruch Hashem!

Have a few more pictures, and I'll try to post more next week. I am (slowly) coming out of my just-had-a-baby fog.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing (isn't it amazing what a little info could have done for you.) You and the baby are beautiful. Can't wait for more pictures. Have a wonderful Shabbos. Love Ya alll!! Love Mom Lavitt

Anonymous said...

Sounds like my labor only I went from 3 to delivery in about 5.5 hrs. Mazal tov to the Druyan clan and may you have a speedy recovery!!!

Mordechai Y. Scher said...

Beautiful! Baruch Hashem!


(now, since Hazal compare the birth process and geulah, maybe you'll give us your holy insights on that one some time...) ;-)

Yitz/Yaffa said...

Something important that Yitzy noted after I gave birth to Avraham, that he also remembered about Ilana's birth: When I say, "I'm going to die," the baby is about to be born. Someone, please remind me of that next time I need to know it.

Did you get your epidural?

bilha said...

Wow Miriam. Sounds all too familiar. I also went from 3 to 9 very fast (although not as fast as you). I also didn't have an epidural. It's so incredible when you do it naturally even if that wasn't what you planned. I can't believe you were in the cheder kabala the whole time. How did you manage to move to the delivery room?

I have a great shidduch proposal. He was 3.6 at birth although b"H has gained very nicely. He is three weeks older than Shlomis Rivka and his name is Uriel Yona. He's a big cutie. We should really get together one day especially since we're both on maternity leave.

Oh and about being yellow, we were also worried for a little bit. A mohel from the yishuv checked him out and said that he wasn't worried because he knows that the parents are ashkenaz so he's fair.

Anyway, Shlomis Rivka looks just precious and oh so yummy. Enjoy her lots and may you merit to raise her to Torah, chuppah and maasim tovim.

Faye said...

Miriam Esther Rosenblatt (Druyan)!!!! You posted tushie shots of Shulamis Rivka!!!! Where is youur sense of tznius? More importantly, where is your sense of self-preservation? She is gonna grow up, look at those pics, and be terminally embarrassed! That being said, she is KE"H adorable!

nechama gorf said...

what a beautiful story

Kivi Kaplan's mommy said...

Love the last picture- too cute! theres just something irresistable about sleeping babies. may they do it often!