Monday, December 01, 2008

3:25-4:27 AM

3:25: I hear Sarah Rochel opening her door. Cue husband to wake up and attend to her.
3:27: Tell husband Sarah Rochel is in the hallway, not in our room (husband is quite groggy).
3:28: Husband goes into Sarah Rochel's room with her.
3:44: Shulamis wakes up, politely asks to be fed.
3:56: I am feeding the baby in the guest room (where she's been sleeping in her car seat the last few nights, resulting in more sleep for me AND her), I hear Yoav leaving Sarah Rochel's room, I hear Sarah Rochel protesting, I hear Yoav close the door.
3:59: I hear Sarah Rochel opening her door (sigh). Yoav is already asleep again (and who can blame him?). I telepathically send him messages that his eldest is walking the halls again (well, we actually only have ONE hall, but close enough) - no dice. Shulamis is still munching away.
4:04: Sarah Rochel finally finds us in the other room. "Mommy, I need help with something." Shhh! "Sarah Rochel, go wait in your bed, I will be there in a minute." She scurries off.
4:06: Put down baby, who I think has burped enough. Go to Sarah Rochel. "I need help with my sleep." Sigh.
"Okay, close your eyes, and I'm going to count."
"I can't close my eyes."
"Because I need to look at the light." (note: my mother noticed this phenomenon, that Sroch likes to stare at her special light (which we leave on, but closed 97%) while falling asleep. Fine!)
I then count to 100. I then count to 100 again. Then twice to 10. Then finally exit the room, since I've been hearing the distinct, "hey, you need to burp me some more" noises down the hall.
4:10: Burp baby. Baby wants to eat more. Feed baby.
4:15: I hear Sarah Rochel opening her door. She's no fool - she doesn't come find me this time, but goes and sits down on the floor in the living room.
4:18: Finish feeding baby. Put her down.
4:19: Sneak up on errant toddler in living room, surprising her. Walk her back to bed. "But my sleep isn't working." Tough, kiddo. Stay in bed.
"Sing 1-2-3 song." (also known as 'Count Ten' from an old Sesame Street record I had as a kid)
"Okay, I will sing it once but then you NEED to stay in bed."
I sing. Well, I whisper loudly in cadence. There is nothing so loud as a singing voice at 4 in the morning.
4:23: Exit Sarah Rochel's room. Return to baby, who is still fidgeting. Does she want to eat? Nope. But her eyes are open. Pick her up, fidget fidget, burp her, fidget, fidget - burp - relax, totally unconscious. Okay! Put her down.
4:27: Commence blogging, since I'm not bothering to get back into bed until I know they are both sleeping...
4:47: I hear Sarah Rochel turning her door knob but, wisely, not opening her door. BOOGER! Leave computer, go to Sarah Rochel, order her back to bed. "But I like to wake up. I really like to!" Sorry, Squirt.
"You need to stay in your bed now.
"YES. It's time to sleep
"Stay with me for one minute."
"I will stay for ONE minute, but no more getting out of bed."

I stay. It's now 4:52, the title I made for this blog entry is already obsolete, I have already mentally composed the sticker chart I'll be making for my eldest daughter to see if we can't work on these night wakenings (prize for 5 stickers will be a toy, I think, and prize for 10 stickers will be the umbrella she's incessantly asking me to get - "Buy me umbrella, because I need it, because it's raining." She's also still telling me to "Buy me Cwocs," but I'm holding off on that one, if for no other reason than to overcome peer pressure, and why does a two-and-a-half year old have flipping peer pressure!? But I digress...).

4:54: I just hope I'll be able to sleep well despite listening for the littlest noise of my daughter's (well, technically daughters') door knob.

4:55: Who's going to come sing to me?


Faye said...

oy! I wish for you more sleep. You do blog with exceptional detail though. Impressive!

Miriam the Mommy said...

Well, I have so much else to do at this hour, you see.

Bli ayin hara, it's now 5:05, and methinks we're down for the count (har har). Or at least, for the moment.

Faye said...

then GO TO BED!!!!!!!

Debbie said...

something tells me you don't need to be sung too, and that you were shluffing before your head hit the pillow... :-)

Zayde said...

I hereby volunteer to sing to you...any time, any place. Just let me know, and I'm there.

babybean said...

Yeah! I was mentioned in a blog post. Glad to hear Itzbeen is working well for you. Our little guy is now waking in the middle of the night constantly and I think it's cause he's teething. Fun times!

Brie said...

I think we had the exact same night except A. was up for the day at 4. I could not get him to go back to sleep at all!

nechama gorfinkel said...

Little Miri (3 years old) also asked persistantly for crocs. She got fake ones of course, but I think this is a trend that even the little babies have noticed and there's nothing you can do to stop it ;)

brenda said...

So when do they get to share a room? It will cut down on SR-I wanting to know what is going on. I don't know how long mine can last in the room together, but they still want to fall asleep in the same bed sometimes, so I guess I am ok with that for now.