Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another opening, another show...

...another bedtime!

So when Sroch goes to sleep at 7 (yay, she needed it! She was awake for THREE HOURS (albeit in her bed) last night from bedtime until she was actually unconscious!), and Shlam is getting tired at 7:45, even takes a five minute nap... do I encourage a nap, or try to put her to bed fully, notwithstanding the fact her bedtime has been 9:30ish for the last couple weeks?

Finding out now.

I'm off to abuse the pacifier...

The problem is, I'm working on TWO children's bedtimes... and those two children need totally different things and have different abilities. But I keep ascribing Shlam's not sleeping to 'stalling,' when that's only appropriate to Sroch. And so on.

PARENTING! It messes with your mind!

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