Thursday, December 25, 2008

Jam in the MommyRadar

The old gray mare just ain't what she used to be... when it comes to my eldest, anyway.

For example, a few mornings ago I notice that it's time for Yoav to get up. So I nudge him to wake up, and he says he's getting up. I hear him get up. And then, eyes closed, I ask him, "Yoav, why is your pillow still snoring?" Apparently Sarah Rochel came in in the middle of the night, and I did not hear her. Crazy. (I also asked Yoav why he didn't tell her to go back to her bed. He said he tried to, but apparently the thought didn't make it all the way from his brain to his mouth. Tired very much he's been, yes.)

Another case in point: last night around 2, I hear Sarah Rochel calling for Mommy, so naturally I wake up Yoav and send him in there. (At nights, we're still a man-to-man defense.) He goes in, settles her back down, comes back to bed...

When he gets up at a quarter-to-you've-got-to-be-kidding to give his early morning shiur, he walks into the living room and hears... snoring. Sroch is curled up, sleeping on the couch.

Now, to her credit, when we asked her about it today, she did say "I went on the couch and not in your bed!" As in, gosh, wasn't she being thoughtful? No explanation of why she felt the need to leave HER room, though. But again, I didn't hear her go! Before Shlama-llama was born, that was unheard of!* And now it's been several times. Look, Baruch Hashem I HAVE heard her many many times as well, that is, when she's in real distress (and Mom, that climbing and falling 4 AM incident when you were here that I didn't hear... a fluke, undoubtedly!). It's just her harmless meanderings I've missed. Like, when she climbs into Yoav's bed - alright. When she climbed into MY bed, I DID notice... but only when she was actually next to me, taka. Used to be I'd have heard her before she opened her door.

Anyway, the point is... Shoot, there's no point. But it was something to write about. :)

Bli ayin hara, Shulamis has been sleeping be-yooo-tifully. Shhh!

*I only noticed this heinous pun on the reread. I am disappointed in myself for not having written it intentionally. Sigh... another sign of my slipping mental acuity.

And now, pictures.

Shulamis and Abba, taking a nap on the couch. Despite the pacifier's location, it was the girl who spat it out, not her father.

Showing off her baby blues in the tubby. As 'dark' as we think this kid is (next to Sroch) you can see how pale she is next to her father's hand there.

Sarah Rochel looks really pretty, like really lovely in a 'kerchief' as she calls them, no? Reminds me of one of my favorite backhanded compliments when I was single - "Wow, you're going to look so nice when you can cover your hair!"

The picture doesn't capture it properly, but I was just so struck by the differences in their lengths!
Finally, FINALLY a picture of all four of us! This was after multiple takes after candlelighting tonight. I enjoy especially how Shulamis already has the 'I can't believe they're taking ANOTHER picture' look about her.

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Faye said...

The pics are lovely. Is the Shlama Llama rolling her eyes in that pic?
A freilichen!