Saturday, December 13, 2008

A little Chanuka preview

Sarah Rochel made a little paper-bag puppet of a Maccabee, complete with long peyos and a little siddur and shield (with a magen dovid, of course - note that 'magen' is a shield itself).

Every now and then, Sarah Rochel says, "Antiochus is coming!" And she grabs her Maccabee and says:

"Go away Antiochus!"

"I'm going to paatch Antiochus!" (paatch - yiddish for smack)

"Antiochus, I'm very not happy with you!"

(I especially enjoyed the last one. Think she's heard that phrase before?)

"Sarah Rochel, is Antiochus gone now?"

"Yah. He's gone."

"Oh, THANK you Sarah Rochel!"



Faye said...

AWWWW No doubt she has heard the phrase before.

Anonymous said...

My version of "I'm very not happy with you! "is "I'm not a happy mommy" - Classic