Thursday, December 11, 2008

Shulama-llama, red pajama

I remember recalling to Yoav that maternity leave (albeit paid leave) is very expensive for us, because I have all this time to go... shopping!!

I had a gift certificate for Shilav, el snooty baby store. I wanted a new play-on-the-floor-with-dangling-toys type baby thing (the one we had with Sarah Rochel was very plain, and who knows HOW brilliant the Sroch would be if she had had a more dynamic one? Why, she'd be doing calculus by now, instead of merely pre-algebra!). So I went and got one, name brand and all, for a mere 320 NIS (thoughtfully covered by the gift certificate - thanks to my office!). The scarier thing? I looked it up on Amazon - and it cost more! Tiny Love is American, and the stuff is made in China of course, but much of it is actually developed here in Israel.

Note that in the picture Sarah Rochel is not attacking Shulamis, just playing with her. No, really! Sroch actually assembled the toy with me, bless her.

What else? Oh yeah -

Well, I had to buy her red pajamas!! Shlama-llama even pooped all over them this morning (and I mean, poop through onesie, pajamas, sheet and needing to be scrubbed off mattress and leaving a stain on the plastic mattress kinda poop. Hey, it had been a week since we pooped - we had a lot to, er, do!).

Since I bought them at that emporium of quality, Bazaar Strauss, they are "Leader" brand and so have a big embroidered 'LD' on the front (it's under her hand in the picture). So clearly they stand for 'Llama Druyan' or, in case of please-God passing them down to another kiddo one day (assuming I survive the two I have), 'Little Druyan.'

Gosh, what else have I been buying?

-Food, sure.

-Gas got cheaper (back under 5 shekel a liter, yay!).

-A ten shekel recorder (as in 'cheapo flute substitute,' not 'immature iPod') which Sarah Rochel already earned with her 'Sleep All Night' sticker chart (still 4 more stickers to go to earn her much-coveted umbrella - as in, "Buy me an umbrella before the rain comes. I want a BLUE one, like Abba's!" (item: Abba's is black. Sarah Rochel knows it's black, but still wants 'a blue one like Abba's.' And you wonder why I am going insane?)).

-A new baby bottle for Shulamis, since I by now am SO sick of Avent bottles leaking - we got a Nuk one, since Shlam only takes Nuk pacifiers, when she takes one at all. So I leave her alone with Yoav for two hours during her Must Nurse Every 45 Minutes Hours (TM), and I'm curious to see if she'll even take a bottle at all... and the kid slept the whole time. Harumph.

-Slippers for Sarah Rochel - NOT 'cwocs' which she'd been asking for. Now I was good, and resisted the "little pig" slippers at the mall for 80 NIS ("little pig" is a translation of Pooh's sidekick 'Piglet' according to my Happenings saleslady). Sroch is perfectly happy with her 19.90 NIS slippers from Bazaar Strauss, so much so that this morning I got to hear twelve billion times "But I WANT to wear them to gan! But I really, REALLY want to!"

But don't worry. I've been helping to support my family by writing a bit and more importantly, taking Important Online Surveys for huge amounts like, oh, $2 sometimes, answering intelligent questions such as do I think my Toyota Corolla is more 'optimistic' or 'stylish', obviously related to follow up questions such as "do I buy luxury brands to show others what I've accomplished" and "do I feel couples that live together as if they were married should be given the rights of married people." And could I recognize a Ford Focus on the street if I saw one. You see the obvious connections, no?

And to that, Shulamis Rivka says - ooh.


bilha said...

OMG we also got a gift certificate to Shilav so I made a list of things we never bought for either kid which I would buy if it didn't cost tons. The list was a snap n go or bouncer seat and maybe a new pump for me. So I walk into Shilav-the overpriced snotty store which I dispise and well ya know. They don't sell snap n gos (silly me for thinking that they'd sell something practical and not just overly priced). The bouncy seats were okay but weren't as nice as the ones in Babies R Us. So we kept looking around. We didn't find a thing to buy. Why? Because I couldn't deal with the price tag. Everything I saw could be bought elsewhere for cheaper. In the end we decided that Benzion would buy a toy for each kid for their birthdays. They didn't even have winter hats that appealed to me. I soooo hate that store. But I'm happy that you were able to find something normal to buy. I hope Shulamis enjoys it!

brenda said...

So, we also bought Jonathan's first on-the-floor Tiny Love hanging toy thingy at Shilav and brought it with us to Houston only to find that they sold the exact same one at the Super Target. GRRRR. We bought that Target one as a baby gift for 2 other families. It was the only thing I ever bought at Shilav - the Talpiot shops were always SO much better!
Did you hear about the snow in Houston?