Sunday, December 21, 2008

Videos to come! Really!

We are so behind in videos, it's shameful. Will try to tend to that this week.

We had a lovely restorative shabbos at Mama Nechy's, especially because Sarah Rochel has been running a fever since the wee hours of the AM on Friday. Thank God she's really fine, just been feverish and sniffley. Considering that ALL of her friends have been sick at one point or another in the last couple weeks, I'm actually surprised she hadn't gotten sick before. We did a strep test which I suspect will come back negative Sunday, and I hope she won't have any fever tonight and therefore will be able to go to gan tomorrow. See, I have actual anxiety about her missing gan; what if they learn something she needs to know? She'll never get the color 'puce' down if they miss the day they teach it, you know?

Sarah Rochel eating the latest batch of muffins.

Ain't she cute, my little muffin?

Resting up against Mommy's feet as I lay on my back, kind of a mommy-infant exercise thing.

Sroch helping Shlam with her tummy time.

On Friday, Sarah Rochel (home sick from gan) helped me by washing the mirpeset. We need MORE water, Mommy! MORE!

I wish she'd learn to smile already. She does lots of pre-smiley behavior. But once we can smile, perhaps she'll have fewer pensive shots, like this one. What IS she thinking?



nechama gorf said...

the baby is gorgeous, and sroch is not looking too terribly sick wsahing the floor erev shabbos ;)but still very cute.

bilha said...

great pics. could you post some comparison shots of what sroch looked like at shulamis's age? i'm just curious. now that you posted pics of shulamis with her eyes open i don't think she looks as much like sroch as i thought. she's gorgous. enjoy them both!