Sunday, December 21, 2008

Your Chanuka gift - videos!

Happy Chanuka! We all lit tonight, although Shulamis DID cry when we tried to put the candle into her cute little fist, but we prefer to think of that cry as her attempt at making the bracha. Sarah Rochel lit fairly well, and Abba did an excellent job as always. Yay! Note how in the picture we have Saba and Savta watching us, live!, lighting. Cool, huh? Love it!

In my exquisite persona of perfect wife and mother, I then ushered my husband and children (hee hee!) out of the house to look at other lights in windows, while I hurriedly and spontaneously whipped together some sweet potato - green squash latkes (since we had no actual potatoes in the house). Baruch Hashem, they came out lovely and Sarah Rochel even ate a couple because frankly, they were more attractive to her than bathtime.

Sroch is feeling somewhat better. She had no fever this morning, so I sent her to gan (with the ganenet's approval). She's still waking up from coughing or from her little nose being crusted over, poor thing ("Mommy! MOMMY!! Need washcloth with water!"). We've got the humidifier in with her tonight, although she's still woken up once...

Anyway, here are some videos, some a bit old but better late than never!

From the zoo on sukkos (sorry, I got busy and had a baby right after!). Compare to the video one year prior.

This is a video of that gan project I posted a picture of before, which I still find painfully adorable. Please note the working well mechanism!

Shlama-llama practicing smiling. Sorta.

And another one that Yoav took tonight. She's getting there!

I really do plan to post a couple comparison shots of Baby Sroch and Baby Shlam. I just dug out the old files, so hopefully soon...

Happy Chanuka!!


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Debbie said...

hey lady I dunno if you're expecting Colgate smiles or what, but she was DEFINITELY smiling in that third video. adorable!!