Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Okay, okay, one more picture

She's so big!!!!! Her hair is thinking about curling, did ya notice?


She's three months old. 3 months old!! And she's so big, meaning really so long and non-newborn looking... she's just a baby, not an infant, and she's delicious and wonderful, bli ayin hara.

Here I am discussing Shulamis, of course. (Aside: lately whenever I read 'Shulamis' my brain says shoo-la-mees, which means something, I'm sure. At least you can't mispronounce Llama. End of aside.)

Sarah Rochel also happens to be delicious and wonderful, but she's all excited now because she'll be turning 3 soon herself (well, in two months). Several of her good friends are now 3, and so our Sroch is quite excited about the idea. I myself am excited, since she's planning on giving up diapers when she's 3, and you know? The dirty ones, the ones full of almost-3-year-old... um... output - are getting pretty old.

I'm two-thirds done now with the first week of the plays, and thank God, it's going very well (tons better the second show than the first, but even the first was pretty darn good). Quite the twinge when the person who has the part I wanted gets on stage to sing the song I wanted to sing... not because I am jealous of her, but because I also want a costume and makeup and applause. I wouldn't trade the Llama for the biggest part, of course, but it would've been fun!

But - also crazy. God knows best!

The kids have been good as gold with all the necessary babysitting, thank God! Shulamis naturally refused the special bottle nipples I had express shipped out to replace the ones I torched, meaning that I have now spent about $40 on bottle parts she won't use. Oh well. Last night and tonight she took the Nuk one, which I prefer to get her off of because it's BPA and also a speech pathologist friend says it's not good for establishing a healthy sucking pattern (which is why I've also been trying to get her off the Nuk pacifiers). Yoav is babysitting, I mean, co-nurturing, tomorrow night and he'll try her on the other ones.

A quick picture or two to tide you over - I'm going to sleep...

Another comparison - I couldn't resist.

Sarah Rochel...

And Shulamis...

Both girls, excellent babysitters of their father.

In the park the other day. Note Sarah Rochel, her bodacious styling self, chose to wear a chapeau and jacket from a shabbos outfit that she wore well over a year ago.

Mommy!! You're embarassing me!

We miss Saba and Savta already - we had a great visit with them, and can't wait to see them 'when I'm three' (which is when we'll take the airplace to Saba and Savta's house, as well as Bubbie and Zayde's house. I wonder when she'll realize those houses are whole 4 hour plane rides apart from each other?).

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bedtime: the how-to guide

I was about to type up guidelines for my Goddess of a Babysitter (you know who you are) who will be picking up all my parental slack during this week's big shows. But then I thought - why stam write a list of directions when I can make a fun presentation out of it?

Heh heh heh.

I was totally thwarted by the character limit on each text slide, which is why I even ended up using such evil shorthand as 'esp.' for 'especially.' Blech.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A momentary aside of political commentary

I just took a moment to watch a bit of the inauguration coverage on CNN's site. I read some of President Obama's (jeepers) comments, but the videos I watched were of the Bushes greeting the Obamas, and the Bushes leaving the White House for the last time.

And I just cried and cried.

How sad... how hard must it be to be George Bush right now? No one likes him. Few are talking about how much he did accomplish. And everyone makes fun of him.

Sure, he may deserve much of that. But the point is - he tried. He may not have succeeded well in all ways at all times, but he tried really, really hard.

And now it's all over.


I think... I mean... Well, my secret fear for my children is that they will go off to school and nobody will play with them, because I as the parent am totally powerless to do anything about that. If someone were to make fun of my child, insult my child? I would simultaneously be murderously outraged and also shrivel like a shrivelfig, because... how can I fight that!?

And so my heart went out to old George W, who nobody wants to play with anymore.

Sure wish he had pardoned Jonathan Pollard, though. Boogerhead.


Monday, January 19, 2009

At long last, the comparison post - and other stuff

To all of you who say these kids look nothing alike, WHAT do you know?!

I've been playing with Animoto and One True Media to build this slideshow. Animoto does a gorgeous job BUT I want about 18 pictures in, and for my free 30 seconds I can't fit them all. So on One True Media, I do all the hard work BUT they're all in there.

Enjoy them both:

While all the pictures I've been working on upload, I'll mention we went to the consulate in Tel Aviv. Our appointment was for 10 AM, and I was thrilled when we got there at 10:10 AM and they let us in, no problem. Phew. So 'Shulamit Rivka' (growl) has been registered and will soon have her US birth certificate as well as passport. Now I just have to get her Israeli passport, and then we are as official as we need to be.

In Sarah Rochel sleep news, thank God she seems to have gotten over that couple of weeks of many many mid-night wakings. She's been sleeping well again. She often now goes to sleep with a book. I mean, we still have to read to her and say shema and sing, but lately the shema and singing are with her reading a Dr. Seuss book to herself (but we can't stop, no no) and then when the singing is over, I just get up and say goodnight, and she says goodnight back, blows kisses - and I'm gone! Ten minutes later, she'll be asleep.

Because Hashem rocks the entire universe, she almost never even stirs when I come in an hour or two later to sing the baby to sleep, and same thing in the middle of the night when the baby cries. Yay!

And this morning... this morning was, I believe, my greatest moment of accomplishment as a parent:

7:37 AM... Sarah Rochel walks into my room, pushing her little baby stroller. "Mommy, the sun came up." Waits, I grunt in acknowledgment. "Mommy, the sun came up!" Okay, okay. Good morning! I get up and stretch, and she says, "Mommy, do you want to sleep some more?" Yes Sarah Rochel, I do. "Okay, you sleep more, I go shopping." And out she goes with her stroller.

Well, what would YOU do? I went back to sleep!! Yoav came home from shul a half hour later, put her in the clothes I had set out for her, gave her breakfast and made her sandwich, and took her to gan. I slept until Shulamis woke me up at 9:45.

Sarah Rochel, we salute you!!

She grew up

Sometime in the last week, literally, Shulamis has gone from 'infant' to 'baby.' She's HUGE, like loooong and strong and fitting into bigger clothes. She's doing STUFF - like kicking and wiggling and if you put a toy in her face, she reaches out for it and might grab it by accident. Hello??? You're a baby!!!

Even a neighbor noticed. Whoosh, like that, boom, she grew up. She totally found her hands, moves them deliberately (well, sometimes), chews on them and everything. She'd rather sleep in a crib than a stroller. If we sit down to look at a book, she'll actually look at the pages and settle down while I read.

Is it me, or was this infancy really, REALLY fast???

More recent Sarah Rochelisms

When failing to share, i.e. when having a friend over who dares to pick up a toy of Sroch's without Sroch's direct directive: "She's making me sad!" But Sarah Rochel, it's her turn now, you'll have a turn soon. "But she's making me sad!"

When generally sad with no one to blame it on: "Hashem's not making me happy."

When scurrying into the other room to attend to her bodily functions in private, we ask - Sarah Rochel, do you want to poop on the toilet? "No, I want to poop in my diaper." She needs "privacy," so she's off. Sigh, this kid is going to be able to SPELL privacy before we're toilet trained. We asked her when she's going to stop wearing diapers. "When I'm three." Oh. And the other day when she was wearing underwear, randomly, and was at a friend's house, I come over to pick her up:
"Sarah Rochel, do you need to go to the bathroom?"
"Are you sure?"
"No." (she means Yes, she's sure it's a No) "My underwear are wet."
"Oh. Why didn't you go to the toilet?"
"Because I was wearing underwear."
Much head scratching on my part.

Sarah Rochel can put her coat on by herself. She prefers the 'flip' method, but often doesn't actually 'flip' it on, resulting in an upside down coat. "Sarah Rochel, do you want to fix your coat?"
"No, I like it this way."
And between the bustle over her backside (from the hood) and the rolled collar, she's quite the fashionplate, no?

Someone taught her "I'm too tired" and that gets pulled out at all eventualities, usually when going home reluctantly from anywhere, meaning she wants to be carried. Harumph.

TinyTochter in the Hood

Isn't she delicious?


Massive, massive thanks and love to Faye who lovingly handmade a gorgeous blankie for Shulama-llama! We got it, it's lovely - and Sarah Rochel keeps appropriating it. As in, "I let the baby use my blankie, and I use this one." Tonight, at last, they are sleeping with their respective blankies.

If you recall, Faye also made us Sarah Rochel's winter hat. If you recall where on earth I put it, I'd appreciate it too. Considering that I - today! - just cleaned out the pantries that got rearranged for Pesach (yup, just 9 months later!), I should be finding the winter accessories come, I dunno, June.

You can see it here:

And here, although I need to take even a better picture.

Thank you again!! Now Shulamis can happily bury her face in the blankie ala vintage Sarah Rochel, and she still has airholes. Baruch Hashem!

Eating at the Druyans

We've started giving Sarah Rochel iron drops again (vintage shot here, circa Nov 2006) because she's been so picky about eating lately (ha! What else is new?) and kvetchy tired (ha! See above!). It's been about a week or two now, and she is eating better, that is her appetite seems to have improved. And some days she seems less tired. Some days. She naps about 50% of the time that she's home at naptime - the rest of the times she's home she's good as gold about having 'quiet time' in the big blue chair in her room. She takes my watch (because I tell her she can come out when the big hand gets to the 2 or 11 or whatever) and a book and a blanket (and yes, the shame! a bawkle), and stays there very nicely.

For breakfast, she'll eat either MommyCereal (branflakes), AbbaCereal (these Splenda-sweetened crunchy thingies) or occasionally ZaydeCereal (the cinnamon squares we've had since he was here). We also now eat off-brand BeeCereal (honey nut rings). Lunch and dinner are much trickier. She ate star-shaped orzo for dinner tonight, but won't eat star-shaped corn shnitzel. She has an affinity for dates and prunes that I find totally fascinating, and she likes MSG-treats of various brands and descriptions a lot. And candy. Hence our conversation this evening:

SR1: I want a shabbos treat!
Me: You already had candy, remember? That was your treat for helping me clean out the pantry. You shared it with Rena, remember?
SR1: But I want aNOTHer one! I really want it!
Me: Remember Morah Shoshana taught you about eating healthy food?
SR1: But I want it! I really want it!
Me: Sarah Rochel, I said no. I don't want to hear any more kvetching, okay?
SR1: Okay. (pause) I want a shabbos treat.
Me: Sarah Rochel, I said no.
SR1: Please? Please I really want it!

The other day she came home from gan talking about tuna. My guess is one of the other kids had a tuna sandwich (as opposed to the ubiquitous pb&j). So all Sarah Rochel wanted for dinner was tuna. And all the tuna I had in the house was this one packet (not can) from America that my mother had brought in her carry-on luggage about three years ago. Texture and aroma both strongly resembled cat food. And Sarah Rochel ate it all up, sans mayonnaise or anything. We love peer pressure when it makes us consume something.

As for Shulamis, she B"H is still nursing. Sarah Rochel has a very interesting nomenclature for what the girl eats, as in...
(Brandishing a pretzel) "I eat pretzels because I'm big! My baby Shulamis only nursing, right?" Right Sarah Rochel. "She eats nursing pretzels." There's also nursing dessert, nursing cake, nursing jello (ew) and nursing MommyJuice (as you may recall, MommyJuice is Sprite). I especially enjoy the accuracy of the latter. "Yummy in my baby's tummy, Mommy!"

Catching up - cheating

Rather than have one massive post now, I'm going to have lots of little ones.

I could play with the date / time stamp and make you all think I've been blogging daily, but I shan't because I am just that golly gee honest. And lazy. :)

I have several things jotted down to blog about - hmm, six it looks like. We'll see what happens...

(edit afterwards: still have left the consulate pictures and Shulama's latest developmental feats. But it's 1 AM - those posts will happen later!)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I AM FURIOUS!! - edited

So the only pacifiers my baby will take are Nuks, and so I realized she'd never drink from a bottle nipple that was different, so I got her a Nuk bottle. Besides the BPA issues, Nuk bottles are expensive and the flow is too fast. SO I looked high and low and finally ordered from America 4 Medela bottle nipples that fit the bottles I have already (BPA free too).

I had them sent to my inlaws, who just came.

Indeed, tonight Shulamis refused the Nuk bottle, since it was choking her. I come home in the middle of my dress rehearsal to feed her, fine, and then when I come home afterwards I set the new Medela ones up to boil. Chucked a pacifier in there too to sterilize.

And forget about them.

Now my house is full of toxic smoke (thank God the girls' door was closed), I've ruined my pot, burnt the 4 nipples and the pacifier disappeared - the only trace of it is a blue residue at the bottom of the pot.


It's the money (note: total retail value of all of that (did I mention it was a brand new pot?) about 160 NIS, maybe $40), it's the shlepp factor (I bothered to get those from America!), it's the next-week-is-another-dress-rehearsal-and-the-girl-NEEDS-to-take-a-bottle-then stress....!!!!!!!

I am so, so annoyed. I asked Yoav if he could please take the blame (his only fault was not waking up), and he kindly agreed. And now it stinks in here, it's freezing because the windows are open and the fans are on, and and and and IT'S ALL MY FAULT!!!!!!

End of rant.

So... anyone here in Israel have a supply of Medela orthodontic bottle nipples?


edit a while later: Okay, okay, in light of the flipping WAR we're having, this is nothing, and God gives us so many brachos, fine, I can take this. But still, !!!!

Baby just woke up. Buh-bye.


Okay, I'm back, still trying to calm down. Before:


and now....

I put in water to stop it smoking, hence it's all wet. Note the blue smudge. I am still astounded that the clear silicon turned the color of old catheter tubing, and the latex and plastic pacifier went up in, er, smoke.

Man it stinks in here.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Did you buy tickets yet?

Sure, I'm not in it this year, but I'm working backstage (so I don't have to buy a ticket myself, natch). Hope to see you there!

Friday, January 09, 2009


Please note that in the preceding post, it only looks like Sarah Rochel is clawing her baby sister. She ain't - it's just love.

On the developmental front, Shulamis is 10 weeks old tonight! She can smile and stick out her tongue on demand (well, on request... sometimes...). Her bodily functions are nicely consistent. She has never pooped in the tub (imagine!). She hardly needs me to burp her anymore, probably in self defense since I always forget to do it. She lays on her fun toy mat thingy and actually bats around the various rattling dangling toys. She sleeps at night beyooootifully, although her daytime napping still isn't so hot. I'd like to publicly worship at the ground of "Good Night Sleep Tight", the best book in the world for helping kids with sleep issues, although I must also publicly acknowledge that Shlama has a lot of inborn talent in that area, since when she was 1 week old she was sleeping at night better than Sarah Rochel at 6 months.

Indeed, for the last week or so, Sarah Rochel has been sleeping abysmally at night. She goes down easily enough, but she's been waking up 1, 2, 3, 4 times during the night. Either she comes into our room asking if the sun came up yet (at midnight), or she hollers for one of us... we come in (pretty darn quickly too, since she and the Llama are in the same room, and we don't one being awake to arouse the other), establish that she's fine, refuse to start singing or rocking or reading books (at 3 AM), kiss her goodnight... and then she waits until we leave, and promptly starts calling the other parent. No fool, this child.

Last night I asked her (as we always do) what's wrong. Usually she can't articulate what it is, just generally makes kvetchy noises (which get from me, "Shh!! If you wake up the baby then she'll keep you awake and you don't like that." Why? Because she complained one time - just once - that the baby was keeping her from sleeping, but it's the only reason I can think of to convince her not to wake the baby. Anyway...). But this time she said...

"Hashem is bothering me."
"How is Hashem bothering you?"
"Okay, what is Hashem doing to you?"
"He's taking away my food in bed."
(Wait for it, wait for it...) "Oh."

I thought she had told me a few days ago also that Hashem was bothering her, but I had assumed I misheard her. Guess not! Not sure what kink in her theology this portends... or if it means she has an imaginary friend named God. I mean, it makes sense. If YOU were going to pick out a friend, wouldn't you pick one with the ultimate in super powers?


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Things I thought I'd never forget, but apparently did

Sarah Rochel as a being, her coming into being and the raising thereof, was and is such a pivotal, completely different experience that I thought I'd never forget any of the feelings of it.

Yeah, well, my brain is as mush as any other mother's. I remembered what I blogged, and that's about it.

So I've been especially enjoying Shulamis as her actions recall those of her big sister's infancy. Like now the Llama is getting much more control of her hands and fingers... so when I was singing to her, and she put her hand up on my mouth almost like she was reading my lips, I was like - hey, Sarah Rochel used to do that! (It also brought to mind how after a few months of it, it ceased to be cute and became annoying. Ah, motherhood.)

Shulamis is now 5.11 kilo, which is almost exactly what Sarah Rochel weighed at 3 months old. Since Shulamis is only 2 months old, clearly, these are not identical children.

Sunday, January 04, 2009


And now it's time for... the first ever "Ah, the Druyanity" contest! That's right, it's a CAPTION contest! The person who supplies the funniest caption for this picture wins a prize, equivalent to or greater than the value of both girls' belly button lint COMBINED!! I'm sure I'll think of something...

This is a limited time offer, so act now!

Kids hear the darndest things

It's pretty interesting, being me. I mean, I'm 9 weeks old now - 9 weeks! And a lot of things have changed in the last 9 weeks.

I can hold up my head pretty darn well.

I smile... sometimes. :)

I learned how to blog despite being in bed asleep in the other room (something my big sister taught me) - also how to blog despite being too young for Blogger's official rules, ha ha!

I like to have my sister hold me (at least, she tells me I do). 

I sleep in the same room as my sister now too, she in the Big Girl Bed (TM) and me in the playpen. Any day now I'm sure Abba will have time to reassemble the cribby for me, but I'm really content in the playpen. And thank God my sister and I don't disturb each other, so despite her waking up about 4 times last night between midnight and 3 AM, I slept right through Mommy and Abba both coming in multiple times to cover Sarah Rochel, hold Sarah Roche, rock Sarah Rochel, sing to Sarah Rochel, and finally tell Sarah Rochel that the middle of the night is not time for rocking, holding, singing or anything but sleeping. 

I poop with decent regularity, I bathe in the kitchen sink most happily (but I do NOT like to get out of the tubby not one bit!), I nurse fairly well (my Mommy says I almost never feel like I have retractable fangs anymore) and I am, bli ayin hara, growing very, very nicely. If I keep up at this rate I will be much taller than my big sister. Then we'll see who's holding who, heh heh heh.

I get to overhear things, like for example - on Thursday, Sarah Rochel was playing with some of her friends while I was watching from my perch on my floor pillow. (By the way, Big Sister "doesn't let" her friends play with me sometimes, because I'm HER baby! Sometimes I even appreciate it, like today when she and I friend were picking up my legs because they wanted to "change the baby" (although even I know you'd have to take my pajamas off first, and they didn't try that). Mommy just told Sarah Rochel for the nth time that 'the baby is not a toy' and they stopped... for now...) So Big Sister was having trouble sharing and was kvetching, and finally she went over to Mommy and said, "The other kinderlach need to go home. I'm fighting." Mommy and I were very proud of her self-awareness.

I get to oversee (or rather, undersee, since it's all over my head) Mommy surfing online endlessly shopping for new things, like the furniture she wants to buy from Ikea to organize all the toys in my room. At least she's not stroller shopping, but I guess she got that out of her system while I was in the original Really Long Warm Bath With Womb Service. (Ah, 9 weeks old... too young to eat solid food, but old enough to pun.)

Oh, and yeah, I'm old enough to be living through my first war. Sigh. I mean, I sincerely hope and pray that this is the only war we'll need to have for the next hundred years or so... but anyway, here we are. Ramat Beit Shemesh is hosting lots of people who've left the more southern towns to be safe or just to relax from the tension, despite the fact that we hear planes flying over all the time and, on very quiet, still, clear days, the occasional loud 'boom' which means something impacted somewhere. (Speaking of which, if you want to donate money to help those 'refugees,' here's a way to do it: People here (some we know personally) are contemplating what we would do if rockets were shot at our actual neighborhood; while it's unlikely, it's in the realm of possibility. We have a mamad room in our apartment, thank God, and we're checking the news regularly and all that... Mommy and Abba especially enjoyed watching a piece on CNN online where the anchor was interviewing the Arab League ambassador to the UN (that useful, rational, pro-Israel body) and she kept interrupting his invective (is that the right word? I'm only 9 weeks old) t0 say, "But I must mention the Israeli perspective," and "Let's just focus on the current situation in Gaza, not the entire political history of the area," up to when she finally just said thank you for joining us and went to commercial. :) As you undoubtedly know, the ground war began tonight. While we're all sure it's necessary and important and Hashem will be merciful.... a ground war means an awful lot of soldiers could easily be very, very hurt. Hashem yerachem.

So we're davening. Even me. Feel free to do so as well. 

And now, some pictures, because my ghost writer really needs to get some sleep. I am getting even cuter (except for my passport pictures - I was wearing my lucky red pajamas, but my Mommy hadn't brushed my hair and I was VERY grumpy being held up in the air like that. Did you know American passport regulations, besides insisting on my eyes being open, need to see my EARS?).

Oh, while the pictures load, that reminds me... Remember all the trouble my parents had, since they wanted Sarah Rochel's english documents to say either 'Princess' (Sarah being translated as Princess) or at least 'Sarah Rochel' versus 'Sarah Rachel'? Well, similarly, my Israeli birth certificate says... Shulamit Rivka. Blech. I mean, the name is fine, but that's not what my parents call me, you know? They said if we want 'Shulamis' we could replace the taf with a samech.. but, um, no. So I'm on the books as Shulamit. Yeah, yeah, it's nice to say they want to have standard transliterations forr things so it's not all chaotic, but hey, this is the same government with 'Petah Tiqwa' so you know, I think I little 'Shulamis' wouldn't have killed them...

Anyone know the Hebrew word for llama?

Sarah Rochel was all like, what? I can't have this lollypop for breakfast? (Mommy gave it to her AFTER breakfast. All I can say is, sucker!)

We went to Yeladudis on Chanuka, all of us and Sarah Rochel's friend Pesha. Even I had a good time. Mommy and Abba played Scrabble while the two big girls ran around, and after I woke up and had a snack I even got to play a little too.
Aren't they cute?
Back to Chanuka, this is Sarah Rochel making the bracha before she lit. Mommy wishes she had taken a video, except Sarah Rochel said it so sweetly, seriously and quietly the sound wouldn't have come out. We were all really impressed because no one coached her on the bracha - Mommy and Abba told her what to say the first few nights, and by the end she was doing it on her own, 80% accurately. I was especially impressed because, you see, I don't say anything.

Sarah Rochel was kidding around with her friend Rena's mommy's sheytle. Is this what I'm going to look like when I grow up? Probably.

This is Sarah Rochel's new kitchen. Doesn't she look sweet?

The three Druyan girls... essentially.

Look, I'm smiling!! Aren't I yummy?
I'm growing up!
And smiling again!!

Ya'll keep smiling too.