Monday, January 19, 2009

At long last, the comparison post - and other stuff

To all of you who say these kids look nothing alike, WHAT do you know?!

I've been playing with Animoto and One True Media to build this slideshow. Animoto does a gorgeous job BUT I want about 18 pictures in, and for my free 30 seconds I can't fit them all. So on One True Media, I do all the hard work BUT they're all in there.

Enjoy them both:

While all the pictures I've been working on upload, I'll mention we went to the consulate in Tel Aviv. Our appointment was for 10 AM, and I was thrilled when we got there at 10:10 AM and they let us in, no problem. Phew. So 'Shulamit Rivka' (growl) has been registered and will soon have her US birth certificate as well as passport. Now I just have to get her Israeli passport, and then we are as official as we need to be.

In Sarah Rochel sleep news, thank God she seems to have gotten over that couple of weeks of many many mid-night wakings. She's been sleeping well again. She often now goes to sleep with a book. I mean, we still have to read to her and say shema and sing, but lately the shema and singing are with her reading a Dr. Seuss book to herself (but we can't stop, no no) and then when the singing is over, I just get up and say goodnight, and she says goodnight back, blows kisses - and I'm gone! Ten minutes later, she'll be asleep.

Because Hashem rocks the entire universe, she almost never even stirs when I come in an hour or two later to sing the baby to sleep, and same thing in the middle of the night when the baby cries. Yay!

And this morning... this morning was, I believe, my greatest moment of accomplishment as a parent:

7:37 AM... Sarah Rochel walks into my room, pushing her little baby stroller. "Mommy, the sun came up." Waits, I grunt in acknowledgment. "Mommy, the sun came up!" Okay, okay. Good morning! I get up and stretch, and she says, "Mommy, do you want to sleep some more?" Yes Sarah Rochel, I do. "Okay, you sleep more, I go shopping." And out she goes with her stroller.

Well, what would YOU do? I went back to sleep!! Yoav came home from shul a half hour later, put her in the clothes I had set out for her, gave her breakfast and made her sandwich, and took her to gan. I slept until Shulamis woke me up at 9:45.

Sarah Rochel, we salute you!!


babybean said...

So I got that book and have been reading through it when I get a chance. I tried letting Brendan fall asleep on his own for a nap on Sunday and he did it really easily! Guess he already knew how but we just didn't let him try. So the past couple of nights have been much easier. He's still waking up once or twice but he goes back to sleep pretty quickly without nursing!

Miriam the Mommy said...

Oh, hurray! I can't even tell you how obsessed with that book I am - and so are several of my friends. I should really import a bunch of copies and sell them - no joke!