Monday, January 19, 2009


Massive, massive thanks and love to Faye who lovingly handmade a gorgeous blankie for Shulama-llama! We got it, it's lovely - and Sarah Rochel keeps appropriating it. As in, "I let the baby use my blankie, and I use this one." Tonight, at last, they are sleeping with their respective blankies.

If you recall, Faye also made us Sarah Rochel's winter hat. If you recall where on earth I put it, I'd appreciate it too. Considering that I - today! - just cleaned out the pantries that got rearranged for Pesach (yup, just 9 months later!), I should be finding the winter accessories come, I dunno, June.

You can see it here:

And here, although I need to take even a better picture.

Thank you again!! Now Shulamis can happily bury her face in the blankie ala vintage Sarah Rochel, and she still has airholes. Baruch Hashem!


Faye said...

glad she likes it. Maybe she will get back someday!

Miriam the Mommy said...

Yeah, tonight they are sleeping with the right ones. I think Sarah Rochel was too tired to fight!

Faye said...

it won't let me watch the video!

Faye said...

ok, it let me watch the video, I love the part where SR1 appears to clear her throat, making the chhhhhhhhhh noise.