Friday, January 09, 2009


Please note that in the preceding post, it only looks like Sarah Rochel is clawing her baby sister. She ain't - it's just love.

On the developmental front, Shulamis is 10 weeks old tonight! She can smile and stick out her tongue on demand (well, on request... sometimes...). Her bodily functions are nicely consistent. She has never pooped in the tub (imagine!). She hardly needs me to burp her anymore, probably in self defense since I always forget to do it. She lays on her fun toy mat thingy and actually bats around the various rattling dangling toys. She sleeps at night beyooootifully, although her daytime napping still isn't so hot. I'd like to publicly worship at the ground of "Good Night Sleep Tight", the best book in the world for helping kids with sleep issues, although I must also publicly acknowledge that Shlama has a lot of inborn talent in that area, since when she was 1 week old she was sleeping at night better than Sarah Rochel at 6 months.

Indeed, for the last week or so, Sarah Rochel has been sleeping abysmally at night. She goes down easily enough, but she's been waking up 1, 2, 3, 4 times during the night. Either she comes into our room asking if the sun came up yet (at midnight), or she hollers for one of us... we come in (pretty darn quickly too, since she and the Llama are in the same room, and we don't one being awake to arouse the other), establish that she's fine, refuse to start singing or rocking or reading books (at 3 AM), kiss her goodnight... and then she waits until we leave, and promptly starts calling the other parent. No fool, this child.

Last night I asked her (as we always do) what's wrong. Usually she can't articulate what it is, just generally makes kvetchy noises (which get from me, "Shh!! If you wake up the baby then she'll keep you awake and you don't like that." Why? Because she complained one time - just once - that the baby was keeping her from sleeping, but it's the only reason I can think of to convince her not to wake the baby. Anyway...). But this time she said...

"Hashem is bothering me."
"How is Hashem bothering you?"
"Okay, what is Hashem doing to you?"
"He's taking away my food in bed."
(Wait for it, wait for it...) "Oh."

I thought she had told me a few days ago also that Hashem was bothering her, but I had assumed I misheard her. Guess not! Not sure what kink in her theology this portends... or if it means she has an imaginary friend named God. I mean, it makes sense. If YOU were going to pick out a friend, wouldn't you pick one with the ultimate in super powers?


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babybean said...

I might have to check out that book. Since Brendan started teething he's been waking up at least once if not twice each night. When I go to his room I just feed him cause it's the easiest solution. But I am soooooo tired. Especially now that I'm working full-time again!