Monday, January 19, 2009

Eating at the Druyans

We've started giving Sarah Rochel iron drops again (vintage shot here, circa Nov 2006) because she's been so picky about eating lately (ha! What else is new?) and kvetchy tired (ha! See above!). It's been about a week or two now, and she is eating better, that is her appetite seems to have improved. And some days she seems less tired. Some days. She naps about 50% of the time that she's home at naptime - the rest of the times she's home she's good as gold about having 'quiet time' in the big blue chair in her room. She takes my watch (because I tell her she can come out when the big hand gets to the 2 or 11 or whatever) and a book and a blanket (and yes, the shame! a bawkle), and stays there very nicely.

For breakfast, she'll eat either MommyCereal (branflakes), AbbaCereal (these Splenda-sweetened crunchy thingies) or occasionally ZaydeCereal (the cinnamon squares we've had since he was here). We also now eat off-brand BeeCereal (honey nut rings). Lunch and dinner are much trickier. She ate star-shaped orzo for dinner tonight, but won't eat star-shaped corn shnitzel. She has an affinity for dates and prunes that I find totally fascinating, and she likes MSG-treats of various brands and descriptions a lot. And candy. Hence our conversation this evening:

SR1: I want a shabbos treat!
Me: You already had candy, remember? That was your treat for helping me clean out the pantry. You shared it with Rena, remember?
SR1: But I want aNOTHer one! I really want it!
Me: Remember Morah Shoshana taught you about eating healthy food?
SR1: But I want it! I really want it!
Me: Sarah Rochel, I said no. I don't want to hear any more kvetching, okay?
SR1: Okay. (pause) I want a shabbos treat.
Me: Sarah Rochel, I said no.
SR1: Please? Please I really want it!

The other day she came home from gan talking about tuna. My guess is one of the other kids had a tuna sandwich (as opposed to the ubiquitous pb&j). So all Sarah Rochel wanted for dinner was tuna. And all the tuna I had in the house was this one packet (not can) from America that my mother had brought in her carry-on luggage about three years ago. Texture and aroma both strongly resembled cat food. And Sarah Rochel ate it all up, sans mayonnaise or anything. We love peer pressure when it makes us consume something.

As for Shulamis, she B"H is still nursing. Sarah Rochel has a very interesting nomenclature for what the girl eats, as in...
(Brandishing a pretzel) "I eat pretzels because I'm big! My baby Shulamis only nursing, right?" Right Sarah Rochel. "She eats nursing pretzels." There's also nursing dessert, nursing cake, nursing jello (ew) and nursing MommyJuice (as you may recall, MommyJuice is Sprite). I especially enjoy the accuracy of the latter. "Yummy in my baby's tummy, Mommy!"

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