Thursday, January 15, 2009

I AM FURIOUS!! - edited

So the only pacifiers my baby will take are Nuks, and so I realized she'd never drink from a bottle nipple that was different, so I got her a Nuk bottle. Besides the BPA issues, Nuk bottles are expensive and the flow is too fast. SO I looked high and low and finally ordered from America 4 Medela bottle nipples that fit the bottles I have already (BPA free too).

I had them sent to my inlaws, who just came.

Indeed, tonight Shulamis refused the Nuk bottle, since it was choking her. I come home in the middle of my dress rehearsal to feed her, fine, and then when I come home afterwards I set the new Medela ones up to boil. Chucked a pacifier in there too to sterilize.

And forget about them.

Now my house is full of toxic smoke (thank God the girls' door was closed), I've ruined my pot, burnt the 4 nipples and the pacifier disappeared - the only trace of it is a blue residue at the bottom of the pot.


It's the money (note: total retail value of all of that (did I mention it was a brand new pot?) about 160 NIS, maybe $40), it's the shlepp factor (I bothered to get those from America!), it's the next-week-is-another-dress-rehearsal-and-the-girl-NEEDS-to-take-a-bottle-then stress....!!!!!!!

I am so, so annoyed. I asked Yoav if he could please take the blame (his only fault was not waking up), and he kindly agreed. And now it stinks in here, it's freezing because the windows are open and the fans are on, and and and and IT'S ALL MY FAULT!!!!!!

End of rant.

So... anyone here in Israel have a supply of Medela orthodontic bottle nipples?


edit a while later: Okay, okay, in light of the flipping WAR we're having, this is nothing, and God gives us so many brachos, fine, I can take this. But still, !!!!

Baby just woke up. Buh-bye.


Okay, I'm back, still trying to calm down. Before:


and now....

I put in water to stop it smoking, hence it's all wet. Note the blue smudge. I am still astounded that the clear silicon turned the color of old catheter tubing, and the latex and plastic pacifier went up in, er, smoke.

Man it stinks in here.



Faye said...


Debbie said...

oy gevalt. my mother is going to israel next week, she will be in jerusalem for like a week, does that help you?
wait maybe its in two weeks. I think shes going next thursday. yeah a week from today.

Adina said...

I'm so sorry hon. I did that when Shlomo was a newborn - I put 3 pacifiers in to sterilize and forgot about them. Could NOT for the life of me figure out why the house smelled like smoke. If I knew someone going to Israel in the short term future, I could send you some unused nipples I have but can't think of anyone. If you know someone coming from the NY area, let me know.

Anonymous said...

OY! I did something similar in the microwave once with trying to sterilize avent pump pieces. Not pleasant!
And I loved your comment - can you even say that?????
Don't like my jokes lately huh?

babybean said...

Oh man! Sounds like you need some candles to get rid of the stench! If someone is going to bring you Medela stuff, they need to send some of those Medela microwave sterilizing bags. I love those things. Do y'all have a microwave? Hope things get better. At least Yoav accepted the blame, lol.

Faye said...

did the llama gether blanket back?

Miriam the Mommy said...

I am getting replacements this week, IY"H - what's an extra $17 in shipping anyway?

Jennifer, I have a microwave, have the bags - just wanted to do a more thorough job on these since they were brand new. Well - I sure was thorough!!

Faye, as of last night? Nope!