Sunday, January 04, 2009

Kids hear the darndest things

It's pretty interesting, being me. I mean, I'm 9 weeks old now - 9 weeks! And a lot of things have changed in the last 9 weeks.

I can hold up my head pretty darn well.

I smile... sometimes. :)

I learned how to blog despite being in bed asleep in the other room (something my big sister taught me) - also how to blog despite being too young for Blogger's official rules, ha ha!

I like to have my sister hold me (at least, she tells me I do). 

I sleep in the same room as my sister now too, she in the Big Girl Bed (TM) and me in the playpen. Any day now I'm sure Abba will have time to reassemble the cribby for me, but I'm really content in the playpen. And thank God my sister and I don't disturb each other, so despite her waking up about 4 times last night between midnight and 3 AM, I slept right through Mommy and Abba both coming in multiple times to cover Sarah Rochel, hold Sarah Roche, rock Sarah Rochel, sing to Sarah Rochel, and finally tell Sarah Rochel that the middle of the night is not time for rocking, holding, singing or anything but sleeping. 

I poop with decent regularity, I bathe in the kitchen sink most happily (but I do NOT like to get out of the tubby not one bit!), I nurse fairly well (my Mommy says I almost never feel like I have retractable fangs anymore) and I am, bli ayin hara, growing very, very nicely. If I keep up at this rate I will be much taller than my big sister. Then we'll see who's holding who, heh heh heh.

I get to overhear things, like for example - on Thursday, Sarah Rochel was playing with some of her friends while I was watching from my perch on my floor pillow. (By the way, Big Sister "doesn't let" her friends play with me sometimes, because I'm HER baby! Sometimes I even appreciate it, like today when she and I friend were picking up my legs because they wanted to "change the baby" (although even I know you'd have to take my pajamas off first, and they didn't try that). Mommy just told Sarah Rochel for the nth time that 'the baby is not a toy' and they stopped... for now...) So Big Sister was having trouble sharing and was kvetching, and finally she went over to Mommy and said, "The other kinderlach need to go home. I'm fighting." Mommy and I were very proud of her self-awareness.

I get to oversee (or rather, undersee, since it's all over my head) Mommy surfing online endlessly shopping for new things, like the furniture she wants to buy from Ikea to organize all the toys in my room. At least she's not stroller shopping, but I guess she got that out of her system while I was in the original Really Long Warm Bath With Womb Service. (Ah, 9 weeks old... too young to eat solid food, but old enough to pun.)

Oh, and yeah, I'm old enough to be living through my first war. Sigh. I mean, I sincerely hope and pray that this is the only war we'll need to have for the next hundred years or so... but anyway, here we are. Ramat Beit Shemesh is hosting lots of people who've left the more southern towns to be safe or just to relax from the tension, despite the fact that we hear planes flying over all the time and, on very quiet, still, clear days, the occasional loud 'boom' which means something impacted somewhere. (Speaking of which, if you want to donate money to help those 'refugees,' here's a way to do it: People here (some we know personally) are contemplating what we would do if rockets were shot at our actual neighborhood; while it's unlikely, it's in the realm of possibility. We have a mamad room in our apartment, thank God, and we're checking the news regularly and all that... Mommy and Abba especially enjoyed watching a piece on CNN online where the anchor was interviewing the Arab League ambassador to the UN (that useful, rational, pro-Israel body) and she kept interrupting his invective (is that the right word? I'm only 9 weeks old) t0 say, "But I must mention the Israeli perspective," and "Let's just focus on the current situation in Gaza, not the entire political history of the area," up to when she finally just said thank you for joining us and went to commercial. :) As you undoubtedly know, the ground war began tonight. While we're all sure it's necessary and important and Hashem will be merciful.... a ground war means an awful lot of soldiers could easily be very, very hurt. Hashem yerachem.

So we're davening. Even me. Feel free to do so as well. 

And now, some pictures, because my ghost writer really needs to get some sleep. I am getting even cuter (except for my passport pictures - I was wearing my lucky red pajamas, but my Mommy hadn't brushed my hair and I was VERY grumpy being held up in the air like that. Did you know American passport regulations, besides insisting on my eyes being open, need to see my EARS?).

Oh, while the pictures load, that reminds me... Remember all the trouble my parents had, since they wanted Sarah Rochel's english documents to say either 'Princess' (Sarah being translated as Princess) or at least 'Sarah Rochel' versus 'Sarah Rachel'? Well, similarly, my Israeli birth certificate says... Shulamit Rivka. Blech. I mean, the name is fine, but that's not what my parents call me, you know? They said if we want 'Shulamis' we could replace the taf with a samech.. but, um, no. So I'm on the books as Shulamit. Yeah, yeah, it's nice to say they want to have standard transliterations forr things so it's not all chaotic, but hey, this is the same government with 'Petah Tiqwa' so you know, I think I little 'Shulamis' wouldn't have killed them...

Anyone know the Hebrew word for llama?

Sarah Rochel was all like, what? I can't have this lollypop for breakfast? (Mommy gave it to her AFTER breakfast. All I can say is, sucker!)

We went to Yeladudis on Chanuka, all of us and Sarah Rochel's friend Pesha. Even I had a good time. Mommy and Abba played Scrabble while the two big girls ran around, and after I woke up and had a snack I even got to play a little too.
Aren't they cute?
Back to Chanuka, this is Sarah Rochel making the bracha before she lit. Mommy wishes she had taken a video, except Sarah Rochel said it so sweetly, seriously and quietly the sound wouldn't have come out. We were all really impressed because no one coached her on the bracha - Mommy and Abba told her what to say the first few nights, and by the end she was doing it on her own, 80% accurately. I was especially impressed because, you see, I don't say anything.

Sarah Rochel was kidding around with her friend Rena's mommy's sheytle. Is this what I'm going to look like when I grow up? Probably.

This is Sarah Rochel's new kitchen. Doesn't she look sweet?

The three Druyan girls... essentially.

Look, I'm smiling!! Aren't I yummy?
I'm growing up!
And smiling again!!

Ya'll keep smiling too.

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brenda said...

Can you say Migdal HaEmeq or Emek? Not to mention any one of the other too numerous to mention mangled signs in English? Cut me some slack here it is way after 2 AM and my baby keeps waking up periodically, not to nurse but I am sure to watch the Israeli TV news on the internet along with me.
I have to keep abreast of the situation you see - I have a bunch of new co-workers who don't know how crazy I got over the Lebanon thing a couple of years back. And its not like I have a life or 2 children to take care of or NEthing...