Monday, January 19, 2009

More recent Sarah Rochelisms

When failing to share, i.e. when having a friend over who dares to pick up a toy of Sroch's without Sroch's direct directive: "She's making me sad!" But Sarah Rochel, it's her turn now, you'll have a turn soon. "But she's making me sad!"

When generally sad with no one to blame it on: "Hashem's not making me happy."

When scurrying into the other room to attend to her bodily functions in private, we ask - Sarah Rochel, do you want to poop on the toilet? "No, I want to poop in my diaper." She needs "privacy," so she's off. Sigh, this kid is going to be able to SPELL privacy before we're toilet trained. We asked her when she's going to stop wearing diapers. "When I'm three." Oh. And the other day when she was wearing underwear, randomly, and was at a friend's house, I come over to pick her up:
"Sarah Rochel, do you need to go to the bathroom?"
"Are you sure?"
"No." (she means Yes, she's sure it's a No) "My underwear are wet."
"Oh. Why didn't you go to the toilet?"
"Because I was wearing underwear."
Much head scratching on my part.

Sarah Rochel can put her coat on by herself. She prefers the 'flip' method, but often doesn't actually 'flip' it on, resulting in an upside down coat. "Sarah Rochel, do you want to fix your coat?"
"No, I like it this way."
And between the bustle over her backside (from the hood) and the rolled collar, she's quite the fashionplate, no?

Someone taught her "I'm too tired" and that gets pulled out at all eventualities, usually when going home reluctantly from anywhere, meaning she wants to be carried. Harumph.


Debbie said...

omg our kids are twins shoshi has the same coat!
three cheers for target!

Miriam the Mommy said...

Three cheers for my shvigger who shops at Target!