Wednesday, January 28, 2009


She's three months old. 3 months old!! And she's so big, meaning really so long and non-newborn looking... she's just a baby, not an infant, and she's delicious and wonderful, bli ayin hara.

Here I am discussing Shulamis, of course. (Aside: lately whenever I read 'Shulamis' my brain says shoo-la-mees, which means something, I'm sure. At least you can't mispronounce Llama. End of aside.)

Sarah Rochel also happens to be delicious and wonderful, but she's all excited now because she'll be turning 3 soon herself (well, in two months). Several of her good friends are now 3, and so our Sroch is quite excited about the idea. I myself am excited, since she's planning on giving up diapers when she's 3, and you know? The dirty ones, the ones full of almost-3-year-old... um... output - are getting pretty old.

I'm two-thirds done now with the first week of the plays, and thank God, it's going very well (tons better the second show than the first, but even the first was pretty darn good). Quite the twinge when the person who has the part I wanted gets on stage to sing the song I wanted to sing... not because I am jealous of her, but because I also want a costume and makeup and applause. I wouldn't trade the Llama for the biggest part, of course, but it would've been fun!

But - also crazy. God knows best!

The kids have been good as gold with all the necessary babysitting, thank God! Shulamis naturally refused the special bottle nipples I had express shipped out to replace the ones I torched, meaning that I have now spent about $40 on bottle parts she won't use. Oh well. Last night and tonight she took the Nuk one, which I prefer to get her off of because it's BPA and also a speech pathologist friend says it's not good for establishing a healthy sucking pattern (which is why I've also been trying to get her off the Nuk pacifiers). Yoav is babysitting, I mean, co-nurturing, tomorrow night and he'll try her on the other ones.

A quick picture or two to tide you over - I'm going to sleep...

Another comparison - I couldn't resist.

Sarah Rochel...

And Shulamis...

Both girls, excellent babysitters of their father.

In the park the other day. Note Sarah Rochel, her bodacious styling self, chose to wear a chapeau and jacket from a shabbos outfit that she wore well over a year ago.

Mommy!! You're embarassing me!

We miss Saba and Savta already - we had a great visit with them, and can't wait to see them 'when I'm three' (which is when we'll take the airplace to Saba and Savta's house, as well as Bubbie and Zayde's house. I wonder when she'll realize those houses are whole 4 hour plane rides apart from each other?).


Anonymous said...

Are you coming to America????

Debbie Firestone said...

ooooooooooooooooooo you come to shmutz laaretz. THIS is exciting!! maybe I can like you know, MEET SR1, never mind #2?

Miriam the Mommy said...

Pesach-time, yup, that's the plan, another Druyan Grand World Tour.

Do we have tickets or anything yet? Nah. But we have already, um, 7 our of the 8 passports we need!