Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Things I thought I'd never forget, but apparently did

Sarah Rochel as a being, her coming into being and the raising thereof, was and is such a pivotal, completely different experience that I thought I'd never forget any of the feelings of it.

Yeah, well, my brain is as mush as any other mother's. I remembered what I blogged, and that's about it.

So I've been especially enjoying Shulamis as her actions recall those of her big sister's infancy. Like now the Llama is getting much more control of her hands and fingers... so when I was singing to her, and she put her hand up on my mouth almost like she was reading my lips, I was like - hey, Sarah Rochel used to do that! (It also brought to mind how after a few months of it, it ceased to be cute and became annoying. Ah, motherhood.)

Shulamis is now 5.11 kilo, which is almost exactly what Sarah Rochel weighed at 3 months old. Since Shulamis is only 2 months old, clearly, these are not identical children.

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Faye said...

also, the 2 and a half year age gap might be a clue!