Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 things about my girlies

There's an unfortunate Facebook trend just now to write 25 random things about yourself for the whole world to see. There was even a very funny Time article about it.

While no one has 'tagged' me to do so, I wondered if I could come up with such a list about my two girlies. I suspect it may end up being about me, but still...

1. Nothing rhymes with 'Rivka', as in when you try to sing a song about Shulamis Rivka. Not much rhymes with 'Shulamis' either, come to think of it.

2. Sarah Rochel now thinks of daughters as 'sisters,' meaning if she wants to play with you, she will say, "Now I will be the mommy and you'll be the sister. Okay sister? You want me to make you lunch sister?" Maybe a bit too much Berenstain Bear influence there, I don't know.

3. I showed Sarah Rochel a map of America today trying to explain the difference between New York and Texas (well, you need a lot more than a map to explain the difference there, but I digress). She then pointed to Colorado and asked where that was. I told her it was far away from both New York and Texas. And then she asked - why?

4. You know when you hear a machine's repetitive sounds, the white noise often sounds like something discernible? Here I am thinking of my electric pump. When I pumped for Sarah Rochel, it usually 'said' to me either 'adequate, adequate' or (and this must mean something), 'white power, white power.' When I now pump for Shulamis, it says 'way to go' (or 'what up bro'), and 'rosenblatt.' This is of course somehow reflective of the two girls, dunno how.

5. Shulamis today picked up and held for like ten minutes... an empty Doritos bag.

6. These were the same Doritos Sarah Rochel had for dinner the other night while I was at the play.

7. After two nights of the play, Sarah Rochel said, "Mommy, I want YOU to stay with me tonight!" Ouch.

8. Sroch often mentions things vis-a-vis the baby, as in, "Babies don't eat candy, right?" and "Babies don't color, right?" and so on. However, when we discuss that "babies don't use the potty," the logical connection that we SHOULD use it since we're not a baby doesn't carry over. Oh well.

9. Sarah Rochel still says 'pasghetti.'

10. I do not actually want to correct her on saying 'pasghetti,' to say nothing of 'aminals' and 'earrings.' Earrings, you say? Indeed. She refers to my diamond engagement earring on my left hand, my plain gold one from the wedding, etc. It's cute!

11. I secretly think Sarah Rochel is superior in all ways to just about every one in the world.

12. I am positive Shulamis will be as well, except frankly, she just doesn't do much yet.

13. When Shulamis poops, it usually leaks out the upper left quadrant of her diaper. Now this, THIS means something.

14. I am tempted to buy fuzzy red pajamas for Shulamis now in every single size they're made. Hey, end of winter sales - rough stuff.

15. I fully expect the Llama to one day be really annoyed at me for calling her 'the Llama.'

16. Yoav and I agree that we're looking forward to our children being embarrassed at what we do or say about them.

17. Saying "our children" still seems pretty darn surreal. I very frequently say "my daughter," forgetting I have to qualify that remark. Thank God!

18. Both Sarah Rochel and Shulamis have gmail addresses. Well, they had to to become writers on this blog. I really wonder if they will end up using them one day. We'll see.

19. Several of Sarah Rochel's friends call her 'Sarah Rochel Droooyan" because that's how she labels herself.

20. Last night around 4 AM, Sarah Rochel must have come into our room, probably to ask for her sippy cup which she couldn't find. I only very very barely remember prodding Yoav awake to tend to her, I cannot at all remember what I said to him... a few minutes later my brain caught up, and I came out to the kitchen to find her on a stool and him groggily getting her a cup of juice. It's flipping 4 in the morning. I send him back to bed, and actually acquiesce and let Sroch take the juice to bed (a big no no) because I realize that all three of us are basically sleep walking through this whole dumb episode. Yoav doesn't really remember what happened either.

21. Shulamis used to have a wrinkly tushy, but it has fleshed out very nicely now.

22. I secretly want to hang up elegant, framed, black and white artsy photos of my daughters' naked bottoms in our bathrooms. But I don't, because despite #16 above, I'm not entirely cruel.

23. Neither one of my girls have their English names spelled the way I wanted them to be on their official paperwork. Oh well.

24. Sarah Rochel helped me vote this week by sealing my envelope and putting it into the big box. She also took home a couple extra ballots (which are slips of paper with letters on them) - "one for my Abba-li and one for my baby-li." I think she took the Pensioner's Party one for her baby.

25. I actually often use Sarah Rochel's name for the baby - "baby-li," which translates to "my baby" except "baby" is English and "li" is Hebrew.



Carlye said...

I believe that I tagged you in my 25 things! I think it's cool and I'm looking forward to maybe (hopefully) meeting your daughter(s) and you (of course) in Texas (not New York).

nechama gorf said...

She didnt have the doritos for supper! she had them as her "tu b'shvat snack" (along with bamba; it was a very festive tu b'shvat). she had pisghetti and cheese for supper.

rebekita31 said...

someone really has too much time on her hands!!! ever notice how i DONT have facebook!!!
btw...GOOO PUMPING!!!!! as i sit here feeding my daughter pumped milk!!!

Faye said...

time for a new post!

babybean said...

I love the pumping bit! I often "hear" words too... though not near as meaningful as what you hear. As for pics of your daughters' bottoms... we took one of Brendan and poor baby, he has a birthmark in that area and it will never make bottom pictures cute enough for framing... but good for embarrassment later on! And about the pasghetti... Matthew used to say t-gar (guitar) and Mom never corrected him cause it was cute. He took a test in kindergarten where you had to write the first letter of the item pictured. There was a guitar and he put T and got it wrong. He was really mad at Mom for that. So you might wanna think about that! Lol.