Tuesday, February 17, 2009

All the news that I get around to fitting in here

Okay, time to catch up.

The play, and what happened while I was there. The show itself was wonderful, and despite seeming unglamorous, my job of pressing 'play' some 40 times was actually intense (to say nothing of the fact that I had put together a lot of the stuff that I was pressing play on, but whatever). So it was work, but definitely not the same as being on stage, stress-wise... or fun-wise. Not a lot of applause when you're standing in the nosebleed section pressing play. But in six shows I hardly messed up at all, and never really noticeably. But golly, do I want a part next year!

The second week of the shows the kids did pretty fine, although I wonder if three nights of someone else putting her to bed is what upset Shulamis out of perfect bedtime compliance. Hmmm...

And then, Thursday night after the shows...

IKEA! Yoav Dovid Druyan, the Best Husband in the World, got us a babysitter (from 9 PM - 1 AM, gevalt) and off we went to Ikea, which is thoughtfully open until midnight on Thursday nights (and yes, we were home by 1 AM, impressive since we pulled out of Ikea at 12:15 AM and it's in NETANYA). We finished buying all the new furniture for the girls' room - picture below - and a couple other things, like a new lamp for my work desk.

Work desk? Indeed, forsooth. Read on.

Work! As Sarah Rochel would say, SOOOOOO, I went to see my boss, and SOOOOO, he said... Well, basically, by the grace of God (and Talk'n'Save) I think I'm going to be working from home from now on! I still need to go into the office once a week, but they offered for me to work from home and I would frankly be an idiot not to accept. It is very hard to find childcare around here after 1 PM, so it's a lot simpler if I don't need to. I will send the baby out after Pesach, IY"H, and then next year I won't need to find an afternoon program for Sarah Rochel (well, I may want one every now and then, and if her school has its own I might send her sometimes, but it won't be critical).

I was of very mixed feelings when I got this offer. On one hand, it's what I wanted... BUT it takes a lot of discipline to actually work enough hours to pay the bills AND to be efficient AND to do everything else that needs to happen (for example, I could be working now, making money, but I've been blogging for the last 45 minutes, ahem). Additionally, and I have noticed this from the isolated days I've worked at home, you have to be careful not to eat all day just because your own refrigerator is available. So I'm trying to set up a work station for myself in our guest room (complete with this lamp, actually the same price at our Ikea (99 NIS) as it is in the US ($20)!), and we're going to give it a shot!

Hurray for me! And yet... it means I have to be an adult (shudder). But I'm almost 31 years old and I've managed to escape it until now. It must be my turn. In about thirty more years I get to stop though, okay??

Toys! Laughter! Shulamis laughed this week! Totally delicious! She's also been talking a lot more lately (I have a video loading even as we speak). She's also not only grabbing for things but she's successfully holding them and shaking them and occasionally even getting them to her mouth! Pictures below.

Bribery! I find I end up giving Sarah Rochel (small amounts of) candy all the time. I ought to be bothered by this, but I'm not. And I made her chocolate milk the other day, for no reason. It's like how I keep giving Shulamis her Nuk pacifier, even though I'm convinced it's not the best for her oral development (versus other brands). It's this odd dichotomy of wanting to parent these children properly and loving them enough that I want to give them everything they want, even if it's not good for them.

I know, I know. See growing up comment above. I'll work on it.

Toilet training. Hah. The Elder Highness faked me out again this week, telling me at night that she was saying "Bye bye diapers!" and wearing underwear and using the toilet for an hour or so... and then the next morning staying dry... until about five minutes after she got to gan. My unflappable, amazing, gentle and sweet ganenet said we shouldn't send her to gan in underwear again until she's had a shabbos of success at home. But I didn't want to lose the momentum! Except, alas, there was no momentum after all, except insomuch as it was a 'moment' of wanting to be out of diapers.


Rain. We had some - yay! We need a whole lot more - yikes! It rained a bit last week (during the play, including some hail (!) and SNOW (!!) on the highway on our way home at midnight. Fortunately the cast bus driver was excellent, despite the preteen screaming in the back of the bus), and some last night and today. But more, more MORE please Hashem!!

And now for the pictures! I did a slideshow again, since it was just simpler and I didn't want you to miss any cute magnificence.

She was talking for like five minutes before I said, duh, grab the camera.

After I shot the above pictures in the tent, Sarah Rochel insisted on doing a video. I wouldn't have included it except for her adorable line when she's done singing.


Faye said...

wow SR1 is soooo her mother's daughter! Gonna be fighting you for stage roles soon.

yitz98 said...

I have been working from home (nights, which I realize are VASTLY different than mornings) for 1.5 years now. During that time, I put on 20 lbs, in addition to the 23 lbs that should never have been there. It takes a huge amount of self discipline to avoid the kitchen, and if you do allow yourself trips to the kitchen, you have to have veggies around for munching. Also, on each trip, fill up a cup or bottle of water, and drink it down before your next trip. Those are my tips. Good luck!!!

yitz98 said...

Also, I am happy to report that I have lost 20.5 of those lbs, and have 22.5 left to lose!

Miriam said...

Oy, cuteness! I recognize the spectator stance of SR Jr.
Little Gefen does the same.