Thursday, February 05, 2009

Blood, poop and snores

Blood: On the way to the 'far park' (i.e. Park Ayalon, a whole ten minutes away versus three), Sarah Rochel suddenly fell on the ground. I stopped pushing the stroller to pick her up and noticed amidst her tears there was blood all over her face. Now, she's almost three, it's true, but by supreme luck (aka divine providence) this has never actually happened before - she has almost never bled from anything, very few cuts, scrapes and so on, certainly none of those scary head wounds. So I wasn't quite alarmed, but it was different. Anyway, it was just her nose bleeding, probably because with her slight sniffle and the arid dry weather it was prone to bleeding anyway, and then the fall cinched it.

The best part: She was wearing dark purple, and I was wearing orange, i.e. the blood hardly showed and won't stain. Oh, wait, that's the shallow best part.

The REAL best part: Sarah Rochel wasn't fazed by the blood at all. She was crying about falling, but the blood dripping down her face didn't bug her. Yay! And we're so glad I had wipes on me.

Oh, and I asked her what made her fall. She said, "A leaf made me fall." Item: the only leaf on the ground for ten yards in either direction was about the size of my pinky.

Wow. Some leaf.

Poop: At the far park, Sroch was playing happily with a friend and I was holding the baby in my lap. Suddenly I heard that special, special noise. But when I looked to investigate, I saw that the stain had spread all the way down to her heel. That's impressive. So we went straight home.

It was about 5:30ish when we got here, so I started changing the baby... and rather than get out a whole new outfit for sixty minutes, I plunked her in the sink, with Sarah Rochel a willing helper. They played very nicely - Sarah Rochel got her LittlePeople (TM) to go in the bath with the Llama, which all enjoyed. I got Sroch's dinner together on the table, gave her her baked apple as an appetizer, took the baby out and got her dressed - and now it's like an hour before the baby's bedtime range. So I ask put SR1 at the table with her baked potato and chicken leg, and tell her I'll be back in a few... I nurse and put down the baby, and come back to the living room.

It's quiet. Too quiet. "Sarah Rochel sweety, where are you?" And then I hear...

Snores: Sprawled on the baby's playmat with her menchies, she's out cold. She took like three bites of potato, meticulously ate every shred of breading on the chicken but no chicken itself, and went to sleep on the floor.

She only partially roused when I changed her diaper. Into jammies, into bed... And then she woke up enough to need all her LittlePeople in bed with her, arranged just so.

I leave, start this post. Shlam wakes up for the other half of dinner. I go in - Sarah Rochel is still playing, but quietly. Nurse baby, sing to them both, leave.

Baby wakes up - "Mom, that was just a nap, right?" Nope. Replug, no dice, Sarah Rochel wakes to say, "I think she wants to go with you into the living room."

So here I am, typing with one hand.

I think she'll go back to sleep now. Hope so - I have a skinned piece of chicken to eat.

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Faye said...

the pic of SR1 sacked out on the floor is precious! I love kids who put themselves to sleep.