Monday, February 23, 2009

The delightfulness of Sarah Rochel

"Soon, soon I'm going to eat up the sky."
You are? You're going to eat it?
"Yah, I'm going to eat it all up."
"So the birdies can't fly in the sky anymore."
Oh! But won't the birdies be sad?
"I let them be sad."
(later, reading one of our new books, the classic 'Madeline'...)
"There are birdies flying in the trees."
Well of course they're in the trees - they can't fly in the sky because you ate it all up.
"Yah." (pauses, thinks) "No, not yet. Soon I eat it all up."


In the bookstore tonight, gesturing to the shelf of Russian travel guides: "I know all these books! So buy me all of them, okay Mommy?"


I'm reading her our other new book, "The Mitzvah Girl" (which is what I call her ALL THE TIME, so clearly it had to be purchased, AND it's about the upcoming Purim, so come on!), and as we get to the touching end where the girl gives the poor girl her precious homemade costume Queen Esther crown and I'm having trouble reading it to Sarah Rochel because I'm crying (that's right - still nursing, still a hormonal weepy sap) (shah, like I can blame it on the hormones - I'm really just a weepy sap stam), and I finish and say, "See, she gave her crown away to the poor girl with no costume. And now she and her Abba have walked back down the street." And Sarah Rochel looks at the graphic and says, "And her head came off?"

Well, if you don't look closely, it DOES kinda look like her head came off.

One can only wonder at the educational impact that makes.

More Sarah Rochel videos as she tells us about boys calling the girls uchey in gan: coming soon!



Faye said...

12 little girls in 2 straight line, the youngest of of whom was called Madeline. I think is a reasonable approximation. I love that book.

tzipporah moskovitz said...

just wanted to say the corn beef is amazing i just hope there is some left for shabbos yikes!