Sunday, February 22, 2009

Keep on rocking me baby

While she does totally rock, the big news here is that SHULAMIS ROLLS!

Well, one way anyway.

And today it seemed like she forgot how.

But the important part is - she learned how to roll over (one way) and I got pictures! (What, you're surprised?)

This, to be fair, is not actually the first time she rolled, but the second or third - see, she didn't warn me that it was imminent! Sarah Rochel warmed up a few times before she accomplished it, but Shulamis... I think she surprised herself, actually.




(No Llamas were hurt during the capture of this moment.)

And also in exciting developmental news... She has started LAUGHING. We knew she was one of us!! Yahooey!


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Faye said...

what a yum!!!