Thursday, February 05, 2009

A momentary aside of economic commentary

It's time for the big old momma Oorah Chinese Auction again, that American Chinese auction so flipping huge that they mail catalogs all over Israel AND if an Israeli person wins, they pay to ship you the prize! Or at least, they used to. But you pay the tax. Still, good deal.

Anyway, I was flipping through the catalog and noticed something very interesting - almost half of the prizes are money. It's couched in different ways, but it's money. One is money to use on tuition. One is money to use on bills. One is money to use on gas. One on groceries, one on rent or mortgage, one on debt. One is money to use on buying yourself the honor of Maftir Yonah!

Fascinating stuff.

Anyway, tickets are just $5 and it's a great tzedaka. Go here: Oorah. And if you feel like buying $250 worth of tickets and getting my girls the free set of Mitzvah Kinder, I let.

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tzipporah moskovitz said...

u inspired us to enter! tzku lmitzvot