Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Splashing Shlam and CLASSIC Sarah Rochel

Here's the bath video that finally loaded. Dunno why the camera didn't pick up the audio well.

Since it was clearly Sarah Rochel's turn, I asked her to do a video as well:

I especially like the lyrics to 'Row Row Row Your Boat Gently Down the Street.' Previous versions have included those timeless lines, "Like a butter dream." It stirs something inside of you, doesn't it?

And lastly, I really wanted to get an example of how delightfully she talks these days, how she really TELLS an account of something. I lucked out that she was in the right mood when taking this one:

A laborious transcription for all of you who are Srochlian Challenged:
Sarah Rochel, can you tell me something you did in gan today?
Okay. I ate, I did, I did something that is paint.
Paint? Yeah, you painted? What did you paint a picture of?
Um, I painted.. um leaf falling off the tree.
A leaf falling off the tree?
No I didn't. I did painting, painting with brown and then, and then I painted a tree and there was and then I paint paint paint and then my hands got dirty.
Yeah, so then what did you do?
Then I did, 'Mah at osah' (translation: what are you doing?), then 'Mah at osah' (repeat several times), then then we say 'Mah at osah' again.
'Mah at oseh' (again and again), and then we say, then we say, and then... and then there were a lemon, and an apple and an apple and a pear and a rimon. (translation: rimon is a pomegranate)
A rimon, yeah?
And then, and then was my yellow apple, and then Adina's (Adina is a girl in the gan) yellow lemon.
Yellow lemon?!
Yeah. Me and Adina same lemon, then we say "Baruch ata...hamotzie... borei minai haetz." (editor's note - this is a jumble of about three brachos, but well remembered all the same.)
Very nice!
Then we beep beep then we eat it.
That was a good story.

She had told me earlier in the day that she and several children were running around gan saying 'mah at osah'... quote, "Just like Savta." Hee hee!


Debbie Firestone said...

hahaha melech hacholam- the Almighty GD King of the nekudos.

tzipporah moskovitz said...

debbie you are so israeli

Brie said...

that was just about the cutest story I ever heard!