Sunday, March 22, 2009

Disjointed ramblings (so sorry)

God on high
Hear my prayer
In my need
You have always been there
They are young
They don't know
Let them rest
Or I will blow... up
Lay them down!
Make them sleep!
Make them sleep...

(With apologies to Les Mis)

Sarah Rochel SO misses her Abba! That is, she misses the strong disciplinarian. That is, I miss her having him around.


(dot dot dot)


Real quote from tonight: "That's it, Sarah Rochel, I'm leaving, good night."
"Well, if I stay, I'm just going to scream at you, and I don't want to scream at you, so goodbye."
I leave.
Ensuing screams.
I pray, nay, beg God to give me the strength to go back in there and be nice to her. I go back in. I am nice, but I am NOT happy.


The problem... the problem is this: Bli ayin hara, Sroch is so bright and eloquent, that I make the mistake of speaking to her like an adult, forgetting that she's flipping TWO (albeit a sneeze away from three)... and so I'm in the middle of doing the threatening 1-2-3, and I start answering her explaining what I'm doing instead of just cracking my parental whip.


Did I mention I miss my wonderful husband, who maybe once a week (or more, bless him) would let me sleep in as long as the baby would allow? Did I mention that those extra two hours a sleep a week have clearly been my salvation these past 4-and-a-half months because I am so short fused that if you put my feet in water I emit sparks?! (metaphor needs work - ed.)

Deep calming breaths.
Beer? No! Breathe!
(hmm, but beer IS chometz, gotta get rid of it)

Where's the bottle opener?

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brenda said...

I COMPLETELY sympathize with this post since my other half is in Israel as I sit in Houston. And I did break down and have that beer the first night he was gone [for you, don't forget, it stimulates milk production.] I never get to, since I am the designated driver at all times, but we were staying home so it was OK, and it made me sleepy - thusly returning my sanity.
But unlike SR1, Jonathan was in a good mood since he got his first sticker for having all "4" food groups at lunch (dairy, no meat)Boy was I a happy mommy.