Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Yoav is in Poland. We miss him!

I'm going to try and see if sleep will, if not cure missing him, at least improve my morale.

The kids have really been great, B"H - well, except the first day Yoav was gone, when I was up to wanting to hit my own head against the wall, a fine line away (but an important line!) from wanting to hit THEIR heads against the wall. Since then, B"H, Sroch has been listening to me a leeetle better, and Shulamis has remembered how to fall asleep. Mostly.

On Shushan Purim, we got the girls dressed up as ladybugs again (oh, like we really had to twist Sarah Rochel's arm to get back into a costume), and went to Yerushalaim to visit Savta Raba!

This was actually the first time she met the Llama. They look alike a little, no?

A word on the subject of 'prowing', which I'm surprised we never discussed with Sarah Rochel. To 'prow' is to face tummy down on the back of the carseat, the better to resemble the prow of a ship and thusly check out the world. We used to do this all the time with Sarah Rochel (carefully!) and the Llama is totally into it too.

Shulamis has almost totally STOPPED rolling over. It's like she tried it, learnt it, decided she didn't like it - and so she avoids it. When she wants to get off her tummy, she cries until we roll her over manually. However, when laying on her back, lately she's been swinging her legs up and over a lot. Rolling over must come soon! (Hear that, kid?)

No, those are NOT coming out of her nostrils! Sarah Rochel found the mosquito netting for the stroller, and decided it was a kallah (bride) costume (well, it resembles many she saw on Purim!). Hence the uplifted face, the fake flowers, the poignancy... well, whatever.

She's just our little pot of joy! Crock pot of joy, anyway. I mean, at 9 months gestation, human babies certainly count as slow cooking!


babybean said...

Okay, not sure what it is about that picture of Shulamis in the pot but it looks like her legs must be dangling underneath the table. How'd she fit in there?! Lol!

Miriam the Mommy said...

Yoav said the same thing, that it looks like we have a false bottom pot. But really, she's just squooshed over on herself like a Blimpo seat (or whatever it is those things are called!).