Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Report on Purim stuff

Well, we made it.

It's Shulamis Rivka's first Purim, so welcome to her
And Sarah Rochel is showing her the ropes
How to refuse to wear the costume we picked
And how many toffees you can eat before you choke

(In theory) the girls are dressed as ladybugs*
Which left us few choices of related loot
Would you really prefer we send something we dug
Up out of the ground, covered in cat poop**?

So enjoy this mini seuda, on this day which is crazy
Since often to eat 'real food' we're way too lazy
It's all parve, that's right, even the dogs in the buns
And Happy Purim from Y, M and two SR Druyans!

*The Management takes no responsibility for the capriciousness of
certain almost-3-year-olds and their decisions of which costume to
**We're willing to put down cash money that this is the only shaloch
manos poem you'll get mentioning 'cat poop,' and if it isn't, we're not
sure we want to know who YOUR friends are.

Sarah Rochel also made her own shaloch manos, consisting of candy and hamentashen she made with me. I was assured the germs from her sneezing on the dough cook out. Or something like that.

We had a lovely seuda at the Kaplans, and Sarah Rochel didn't even lose it until bedtime - and even then she recovered quickly, and went to sleep nicely. Phew! When it came to food, I just made her eat a good breakfast (read: four spoonfuls of oatmeal) and then let her eat any darn thing she liked.

She liked candy.

And Bisli, and chips, and candy. And chocolate. And candy.

Nu nu, she also had two spoons of soup and four bites of chicken for dinner, so it balanced. Oh, and then chocolate milk. It's milk, right?

Sarah Rochel went back and forth from last year's princess costume to this year's ladybug costume, which matched that of her little sister. Fine, fine.

Last night Yoav leined once both girls were asleep (yay!) and this morning Sroch was at a neighbor while I was actually feeding the baby during the reading - that's a first for me! She was then quiet for the rest very, very nicely. Hurray!

Pictures and videos to come - Shulamis is busy talking in her room, despite me going in and shushing and corking twice, so it may be a few minutes...

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