Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Report on stuff that isn't Purim

Oh, I am so behind on my blogging. Booger.

Let's try to cover some ground. I even took notes!

Exercise. I have been trying to work out with DVDs on the computer more or less daily (not because I'm going to America for the first time in two years, oh no, not at all), and B"H it's been going fairly well. Sarah Rochel and I had an afternoon out shopping a couple weeks ago (Yoav's regular class was cancelled, so he stayed with the baby) and we got me a resistance band thingy to work out with. Sarah Rochel enjoys them immensely:

She also sometimes asks to exercise with me, especially since we have the Mom and Toddler Fitness DVD (the first time I used it, by the way, I almost fell over and I was ouchy sore for like three days, wimp that I am). When we were doing so the other day, she started taking her dress off. I asked her why, and she said, "I want to take my clothes off!" Why, Sroch? "Because they (points at screen) already started taking their clothes off!"

Hmm. She's right. Hard to argue with that point.

Speaking of which, healthy eating has been improving a little (except of course I'm writing this after Purim, ho ho ho - but BEFORE today!). Last week one night I fed Sarah Rochel brown rice, green beans and tofu for dinner - and she ate it! There IS hope! She's pretty good now about trying anything once - and pretty quick now to say that she doesn't like it. But on the other hand, yesterday when I fed her bulgur - "Mommy, this is good. Thank you for making it for me." !!! Squeak of joy!

My big little girly. Llama had Tipat Chalav last week. She's now (at 4 months old(!)) 6.1 kilo, about 61 centimeters long and at solid 50-percentiles for just about everything. She did, once again, refuse to perform on demand for grabbing objects and indeed smiling and everything. I should probably just have told the nurse to look at this blog.

Shulamis really is growing up. Sometimes now when she wakes up at night (aside: sleeping is a whole on again, off again thing with her, in terms of progress. For like three nights last week getting her to sleep in the crib at night (not naps, which were fine, just for nighttime) was like an hour-long crying process. Then - poof, she stopped that. Last night she slept over 7 hours before waking up to eat, and then only briefly. And her morning naps have finally started getting longer too! She is SUCH a gift from God in this way (and all ways!) because I don't think it's anything I'm doing... End of really long aside, now back to the original sentence...), she just talks to herself in her cribby. Yum! Okay, 90% of the time she talks for a while and then starts crying, but sometimes she just has a quick conversation with the resident angels in the room, then drops back off...

Oh, and two weeks ago, I had my day in court. I was contesting a parking ticket, because I was SO sure I was in the right. Indeed, everyone agreed that the spot used to be legal, and that NOW it's not... but I thought when I got the ticket, it was still fine. The court (which doesn't have wood paneling, something unthinkable to an American) was just a room in a building, but the judge was still up on a dais of course. Courtrooms have very little space for strollers, note to self. Anyway, we were there for hours because I asked the court to prove it was an illegal space - and all they had was a black and white copy of the car parked there, i.e. no way to discern the red and white striping that would indicate illegalocity. It took time, then, because their internet was down, so to get a copy of the original picture (in color) including seeing that almost all of the curb was covered by the cop's thumb but a teeny tiny bit of red was showing took Yoav literally going to other offices, waiting, having a municipal worker come over with the digital image on a thumb drive, etc, etc. I wonder how many other people ever nursed a baby in that courtroom. Anyway, so they showed there was some red on the curb, I said okay - I had a right to see proof, you showed it, I'll pay the ticket - and the judge, to be nice, ONLY added on another 50 shekel to the fine (the DA, by then quite sick of us, asked for much more). We got off lucky - he added to many other peoples' tickets way more than that, and no one we saw in all the hours we were there got their tickets waived. Tough room.

Now, pictures:

I'm sorry for the sloppy edit (which makes Sroch look like a linebacker), but I had to cover up the baby a bit more and I don't have anything more sophisticated than MS Paint to work with. This is Sarah Rochel helping give the baby a bath. Life is more exciting now that the girls have roughly the same bedtime - well, it's more exciting on nights there's only one of us here. Did I mention Yoav is going to Poland for a week? YIKES! B"H, Cheryl is moving in with me.

Brushing the baby's hair.

In a bedtime happy moment, she was eager to be good ("Okay, I listen now.") and she went and got all her clothes off, and got in the tub. Alas, she beat me, because there was no water in there yet. Never fear - she had a flotation device.

Getting into the Adar spirit. Old friends of mine will recognize my Green Hat.

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