Friday, April 24, 2009

14 more random things I could blog about if I had the time

1. I have learned that laundry left in the washing machine while you go to America for a month will indeed eventually dry, but may not have the same level of freshness as you could hope for.

2. The last couple times I gave Sroch a new coloring book (on the trip of course) she takes it from me, looks at the shiny glossy cover and says, "Ooooh, how cute!" before she opens it.

3. Number of children who slept in the children's room last night? 0. One in our room (Llama) while Sroch was asleep in her bed until midnight, then, one in the guest room
(Llama) while Sroch was awake for like two hours in our bed until dropping off around 4 AM. My alarm went off at 7:30, both are still asleep now, and I don't know to wake them up or what... gotta love jet lag! Argh!

4. Measure of how delicious Shulamis is, even as she's crying for an hour to fall asleep? (Yes, we were with her, actually holding her laying down in bed for most of that time.) Pretty darn delicious, although admittedly, she is more cute when she's not screaming.

5. Number of times I fell asleep during my chinuch shiur last night? 2.

6. Number of times Shulamis fell asleep during my chinuch shiur last night, because she had taken a nap within an hour of bedtime? 1, and for only ten minutes. What is up with that?

7. Yesterday Sarah Rochel wore a Pull-Up to "two gans," albeit starting her day at 11 AM. She went to the toilet in both places! Yay! Then we went swimming at a friend's house (hi friend!) and she got out of the pool to go to the bathroom - yay! (As I may or may not recall, this may or may not have been my strong point as a child, but I digress.) And then we went home, and as she's playing before bathtime, I notice her 'flowers have gone' (i.e. the indicator on the Pull-Ups that she has wet herself). I ask her what happened?! She says, proudly, "I peed in my Pull-Ups!" But Sarah Rochel, why? "Because I wanted to!" But Sarah Rochel, if you were wearing real underwear, you would have made a mess! "You don't pee in REAL underwear! Silly Mommy!" Oh. May be time to switch to real undies, ya think?

In general, she's been doing great with Pull-Ups while we were in America, especially when you consider jet lag, overstimulation, general excitement, no routine, etc. We have high hopes for completing toilet training before, say, Shulamis walks.

8. I wanted today to be Llama's first day at her brand new metapelet! But she's still jet lagged, she was VERY Mommy-clingy in America, she may have forgotten how to drink from a bottle - oy. Still, maybe for an hour or two, because I am so behind on clocking hours for work that they will be giggling when I get this next paycheck. If they don't fire me. Insert nervous laughter.

9. I am having seminary girls for shabbos this week. What was I thinking?! House is a leeeetle bit disorganized, imagine! B"H they will come early to help. Think they'll scrub my toilets?

10. Why does a toilet get dirty just sitting there being unused for three weeks? Discuss.

11. Name this 80's sitcom theme that's stuck in my head: "Show me that smile again...."

12. I'd like to point out that I just threw away the leftover Pesach walnut oil. From... last year. Well, I thought, maybe I'd USE it!

13. Yoav came home from shopping at 1 AM. Alas, we fell into the classic blunder of sending him shopping hungry, and moreover the larder was bare. That he only spent 819 NIS is actually not too bad. Which leads me to my next point...

14. MAN is food expensive in America! I thought it was bad here, but sake's alive, yikes! I mean, fun stuff is cheaper there - like the four bottles of mustard we brought home. But basic staples, produce, cheese and meat? Ouch!

Anyway, I'm working on the Grande Pesach Overview post and accompanying slideshow. Until then, a couple pictures to tide you over...

Oh - update! Llama DID go to the metapelet today, and did great! Probably, of course, because she was sleeping most of the time. She also refused the bottle (the metapelet said she tasted it - and wasn't interested. Mind you, she was hungry. She just likes her milk genuine draft, as it were. Nu nu, she's starting solids soon anyway). And when I picked her up she was sleeping on her stomach! I think she musta flipped herself, since the metapelet and I had discussed that she only sleeps on her back. So then later, when I was trying to shush her back to sleep at, um, hours 10 PM through 2 AM, I finally flipped her over - and to sleep she went! Hmmmmmmmmmm....

Another update - it's 3 AM and Sroch just woke up because her "tummy needed some food." So I gave her a piece of cheese. Yay! An improvement! Last night this happened at 1 AM!


Yaffa/Yitz said...

ooooh, pretty pics of pretty girls. welcome back. Growing Pains.

Faye said...

I was Growing Pains, bot someone beat me to it!

babybean said...

It was great to see y'all! Wish we could've visited longer. Maybe next time. I had to laugh at Shulamis now wanting to sleep on her stomach because ever since Brendan learned to stand he won't sleep on his stomach anymore. Or at least he won't let you put him in his crib on his stomach. He also recently (ie, last night) wanted to fall asleep laying on his back while I rubbed his tummy. Silly boy! That was an interesting maneuver from rocking chair to crib, lol.

Anonymous said...

ur kids are so gorgeous kah!!

brenda said...

Again-I concur - what a beautiful family. So that's where that kippa got to. Once we had 2 and now we have one. Maybe we'll see it again someday :)
In any case, everyone was off their schedules and it was stressful becasue you knew you were going home and still had all that packing to do.
Eran just decided to use the Pesach oil until it is gone rather than throw it out. Just because it is pesadik (is that a word?) doesn't mean it isn't any good. Of course we bought it just this year so it is a LITTLE different