Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Paschal part two

Okay, flipped her over, replugged, shushed, lay my cheek against hers, begged and pleaded, and I'm back. Where was I? Oh yes, NY.

6. We got to see only a few friends in NY, but we enjoyed them immensely - yay! We also got to the library, where I confirmed that Sroch and I are indeed related, as we wanted one of EVERYTHING* and we walked out with more books than we could carry. She certainly got through more of them than I did, however.

*I said the same thing wandering the aisles in ShopRite.

7. After friends, books, WingWan and Dougie's, we were off to Houston! The flight down was blissfully benign; the flight was only partially full so we had lots of extra seats, both girls napped for a couple of hours, and I learned that a 4 hour flight with children is MUCH better than a 12 hour flight. Remind me to have my parents and inlaws move to, oh, I don't know, Switzerland? Luxembourg? Oh, no, that little one in the 'Princess Diaries' books, for sure.

8. In Houston, we embarked on a mad campaign to both simultaneously help make Pesach and to help get out of the way so Pesach could be made. The girls got to see their greatgrandparents in Houston and we did the first set of family pictures at JC Penny. The girls were cute, but nowhere near as cute as they could have been, which is why our family pictures are not getting blown up into life size images. But we have pics of the girls and their cousin (my cousin's son, which is what, their greatuncle or something? It gets so confusing) with their mutual g-grandparents, and then of the four of us, and Uncle Micah and them - nice stuff. Yay!

9. Yoav and I tried to take the girls to the zoo one day, but after fully 60 minutes of trying to find a parking spot (!), we parked far away, stopped to use the bathroom in the Museum of Natural History - and just stayed there, to go to the big indoor live butterfly exhibit. Fun, right? Sarah Rochel LOVES butterflies!

Correction: Sarah Rochel loves pictures of butterflies. As you'll see in the pictures, she was freaking out. Oh well!

Did I mention we had stopped there to go to the bathroom?? Sarah Rochel wore Pull-Ups almost the whole time in America with stunning success, yay! Mad props to the Savta for getting it started, but BLI AYIN HARA she's still doing very well on that front even now, wearing underwear (!) to gan the last few days and making it to the toilet the vast vast majority of the time. YAY!

Okay, all for now, maybe more later.

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excellent posting there Mir. Still awaiting phone call....