Thursday, April 30, 2009

Paschal slideshow

I am hesitant to post this, because once I put up the pictures, no one will read the part three (or more) of my dissertation on our activities. But oh well!

I highly recommend clicking on it to see it in a new window. Enjoy!



tzipporah moskovitz said...

love the pics! glad you had a great time in america...when can i see u i.e come for shabbos?

babybean said...

Great pics! And I loved the comment about my son being your girls' great uncle, lol. One of these days we'll get the relationship right! Oh, and I also enjoyed the pic of Sarah Rochel in the Beatles t-shirt.

Faye said...

beautiful pics, KE"H. I love that the llamas blanket travels with her! I need to work on making her a winter hat, or if you ever find it you can pass S'Rochs on her her, and I will maker S'Roch a new one!