Sunday, May 24, 2009

Camp & fire girls

On Lag Baomer (last week? Week before that? I don't even know what day it is...), Sarah Rochel didn't have gan, Yoav didn't have work - and Llama could have gone to the metapelet, but she was running a bit of fever so I kept her home. It was hardly a fever, just her body felt too warm to me. I took her to the doctor anyway (gotta love socialized medicine!) and while the doctor only slightly thinks I'm paranoid, he said she seems fine and it's just a bug.

Indeed, fever totally gone by the next day. But was there any reason NOT to take her to the doctor? 'Course not.

Anyway, the night of Lag Baomer Yoav had taken Srochel out to see the fires. Our shul had a 'clowny' (Sroch is very into everything being -y lately, as in this quote: "I love Hashem-y. He's cutie and smiley."), and of course there were many fires and much music and merriment. The shul didn't have snacks like last year, I think because last year Sarah Rochel hogged all the Bisli.

The next morning, after I took the baby to the doctor, we packed up a picnic and went out. First stop was Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel - well, the roads where it will be anyway. Gorgeous views and great kite breezes. The kite I flew got high-high-high, delighting me and Yoav no end, although being something of a non-starter for Sroch. (Llama was thoughtfully sleeping in the car - we left the windows down and it wasn't too sunny, and we were of course right there alone on the mountaintop). Sarah Rochel got her kite about six feet high - which was perfect for her. And neither parent could do any better with that one anyway.

Sroch was drooping, so we left the mountaintop and made Camp Druyan in a lovely grove, a.k.a. the median of the approach road into the neighborhood. Well, it was convenient! And it was truly lovely, all shady and full of convenient rocks and trees to hold a 3 year old up against when she needed to pee. There was a stream deep enough to drown, oh, a hamster maybe. A baby hamster. But we set up a Real Tent as the 'house' and a sleeping bag as the 'couch' and a blanket on the ground as the 'mirpeset' - and of course, the aforementioned rocks and bushes as the bathroom. So we had a very nice time there, and Yoav even got a nap in the tent.

Note to self - nursing in public is MUCH easier when you have a tent.

Speaking of toileting, BARUCH HASHEM Sarah Rochel is doing wonderfully! She is often dry in the mornings (she sleeps in a PullUp), and she is having accidents very rarely now. We are so, SO proud of her. Bli ayin hara!

One of the assistant ganenets asked me how we trained her so fast. I laughed and laughed. Wait, lemme check the archives - yes, the first serious step of potty training seems to have been almost exactly one year ago. Behold here.

And now, pictures, and have a lovely week everyone!

Here she is at the fire - note the red reflection on her face, and of course, her hiding from the camera.

Kite flying and ensuing Camp Druyan

And just more cuteness:



tzipporah moskovitz said...

u guys are the cutest family!

Faye said...

I LOVE S'Roch' hair!!!!!! I miss you!