Sunday, May 17, 2009

More random tidbits of juciy yumminess coming your way, la la la

Llama does stuff. Shulamis's's's current tricks now include rolling in both directions, although she does reserve the right to get on her tummy and forget she knows how to get back. She also pivots around, turns on back or stomach - she gets around a bit. She has also started to complain when you take a toy away, which is a big developmental step. And on her stomach, she lifts her shoulders way, way up - crawling can't be far! When I put her to sleep on her tummy, I know she's about to fall asleep when she starts scratching the sheet with her fingernails. An interesting self-soothing thing, no? Which brings to mind...

Llama & sleep. It's going a little better, she doesn't need to nurse every time she wakes up - but lately between about 1 and 2 AM she's wide awake. Oh, she's not crying - she lays in her crib banging the pacifier in her hand against the bars. Ratatatatat. Because God is incredibly generous, this does NOT wake Sarah Rochel.

Llama's got a lumpy head. I had noticed this months ago, but her head really is asymmetrical - the back of her head is curved to the right. Our friend the chiropractor says this isn't a big deal at all - unless you're a cranial sacral therapist. Hmm. Haven't taken any action on this yet - the boring conventional medicine folk don't have a problem with it. This reminds me that...

Sarah Rochel's two front teeth are crooked! Please start saving now for braces. Gulp.

This is while we were still jet lagged, and were NOT amused by needing to sleep - or was it needing to wake up?

In our borrowed Exersaucer. We are SO cute:

My little artist. Aren't those smiley faces really, REALLY good? She did them totally by herself, and they're like recognizeable and EVERYTHING! She's growing up!! Well, mostly. I shan't blog about the dirty underwear incident (note, I did not use the term 'wet' deliberately, sigh...).

I was trying to get a picture that showed Llama's highlights - her hair really may blonde-out one of these days. And if it doesn't - she's still gorgeous.

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