Thursday, May 14, 2009


(Sometimes this blog is so not about my kids but just about me. This
would be one of those times.)

I am amazed that I get anything done, ever.

I have so many projects bouncing around in my head. I will now
enumerate them, because I know you want to know:

1. House projects: move a piece of furniture, keep the bathrooms
cleaner now that they are more exposed to splashing, um, stuff,
general housework and unending dishes and laundry and I really have to
clean my carpet, and don't get me started on the weedy backyard
2. Kid stuff projects: cycling outgrown clothes out of drawers and
closets, keeping on top of the toys and books
3. Kid selves projects: encouraging Llama to sleep better at night,
encouraging Srochel to actually listen when we talk, oh and use
utensils when she eats, keeping track of what foods Llama's been
exposed to and which she should get next, remembering to change her
diaper more than once a day (thank goodness for the babysitter, eh?)
4. Yoav's projects: a small bit of mental space for the stuff going on
with him and his work and students and such
5. Yoav projects: all the stuff I want him to do for me around the
house :), oh, and maybe actually having a conversation with him from
time to time
6. My self projects: working on the play for next year, selling
nursing ponchos out of the house, occasionally reading a - gasp! -
book, keeping up with my correspondence (hey you! I'm talking to you!
The one with the unanswered email in my inbox! Hi! I didn't forget
about you! Really!), working on this brilliant money-making idea I
want to flesh out, writing a book or two or three (collaboration with
Yoav - right, in BOTH of our free times! Hah!), exercising, blogging,
picture albums, shopping for jewelry that my husband wants to buy me
for having a baby...
7. Community projects: making meals for people and similar things
8. Work projects: redoing whole websites, new ad campaigns, new
promotions, keeping up with everything, not getting fired, etc.

Is it any wonder, with all of that, that now when the baby is napping
and Srochel is still in tzaharon, that all I want to do is read comics

The baby just woke up. Gotta go!

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babybean said...

Sounds similar to my list. And guys wonder why women are so stressed out all the time? I think it really helps to write things down sometimes. You should the lists I have written/typed down. Now if only I had them all in the same place...