Monday, June 01, 2009


Welcome to Saba and Savta! We're so glad you're here!

In their honor, Llama has been saying a lot of 'ba's, which you may interpret as Abba, Saba or even 'baba' when going out the door, take your pick. She is really vocalizing a great deal - it's a lot of fun, because every now and then you're like, "did she just say she's opposed to the Oslo Accords?"

She still isn't crawling, but she might as well be - she's rather mobile on her tummy, wiggling around and grabbing things her sister doesn't want her to have. Sarah Rochel is learning - slowly - not to leave something on the floor. And we already have the melodious tones of "IIIMAAA, she's bothering me!" How precious.

It doesn't help that Sarah Rochel is calling me Ima ALL the time now - hard, when I really prefer being called Mommy. But Ima certainly is much better than, say, "Hey you."

Shulamis is showing a marked preference for fruit over vegetables - shocking, I know. Oh well! Anyone need some baby food peas from America? No, I won't give up - but I'm also not opening the spinach jar yet either. Actually, the baby food here has improved tremendously since Sarah Rochel was a baby - lots more varieties in our stores and more without sugar too. Yay, no more shlepping little jars from America!

Llama does pretty well sipping from a cup (held by us) or a sippy cup (held by her or us) - I'm sure that, unlike her sister, by the time she's a year old she'll never use a bottle and will only drink from a sippy cup when she's in the car or something. Insert your laughter here.

Tonight I was well and truly doubleteamed by the two of them. Sroch had bathed earlier (thank you Savta!) and despite cumulative exhaustion from Shavuos*, she was stalling her bedtime. I allowed her to play while I put Llama to sleep (Mondays, when Yoav is out of the house from 2 PM to 10:30 PM, we are not so picky about them going to sleep together), and then we read our new Dora the Explorer dentist book - three times, and played dentist brushing her teeth, counting my teeth, and on and on. Finally into bed (so quietly, because Llama is sleeping) and she says she's hungry. Tough. She protests, very quietly in her defense, and we're having a good time talking. She's telling me she doesn't want to go to sleep because people keep screaming (bad dreams?) so we talk about all the good dreams she could have tonight. And we're super duper quiet... but Llama is fidgeting, fidgeting... And then I tell Sroch no more talking / singing, etc, and Llama is up. I cork Llama. She doesn't care. She starts to cry. Sarah Rochel starts to cry. I am standing in this dark room with two tired, sleepy, crying children, and I'm uttering the most ineffectual shush-shush-shushes in the entire world.


Finally, I send Sarah Rochel to my bed to sleep, where she's fine for twenty seconds until she decides it's too dark. I turn on the bathroom light for her (Llama is crying in the crib) and tell her, a bit too sternly, that there's no more, love you, goodnight.


Pick up Llama, nurse her until she's calm. Back in crib - her turn to wail. Plug, plug, shush, shush. Sarah Rochel has dropped off. Leave Llama to cry, go into my room, kiss Srochel on the cheek and tell her I love her. She stops snoring for a moment to flutter her eyes open and half smile. Then she snores some more and I go back to Llama. Plug, shush. Leave, put away dinner. Come back, plug, pat, quiet.


This ended at 8:30, and I feel like it's 11 PM.

Here, have some cutie patooties. They really are cute, too (especially sleeping).

I enjoy how they both wore these shirts today, and by 1 PM they both looked like this.

*On the Friday night of the Shavuos weekend, Sroch had a total utter meltdown, up to and including bawling hysterically that Shavuos was over and she hadn't held the lulav and esrog. (I point out that she's thinking of Sukkos, not Shavuos, and that last Sukkos she not only held the lulav but had her very own esrog, at which point she cried she didn't hold it for a LONG time. This was our mental state, folks, after a midnight bedtime the night before, which was during our 4 mile stroller hike from Bayit Vegan to Har Nof. She finally fell asleep at 10 PM that night**, then at midnight in the car the next night. Surprised she's tired?

**The next morning after all that meltage, I woke up and opened my bedroom door to go wash - and find Sarah Rochel curled up on the floor in front of our room, head pillowed on her blankie. She was there from at least 6 AM, who knows how long before?

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babybean said...

I'm laughing histerically at the sippy cup comment, just so ya know. We finally found a sippy cup that Brendan seems to like but you do have to coerce him into drinking the juice. Now we have to work on giving him his formula in the cup. He doesn't take a bottle at bedtime now though! That was a strangely smooth transition. Bedtime takes forever with just him and I'm beginning to wonder if it's been a very bad thing that I am the only one who gets him to sleep at night. *sigh*