Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Liveblogging - dinner at the Druyans (now with video edit)

Shulamis is eating her spinach baby food from America (dwindling supply, sigh).

Sarah Rochel is singing...
"I'm Popababye the seder man,
I'm Popababye the seder man,
I live in a garbage can
That's my favorite part
I'm strong to the spinach
Cause I eat some spinach
I'm Popababye the seder man.

Now she's here next to the high chair (where I've stopped feeding the baby because I'm typing this) and she's asking, "Are you done? You gonna be done while I'm eating?"

Actually, Sarah Rochel, I'm writing down what you're saying.

"Oh. (few bites) O. S. T."

What is OST?

"No, O. S. G."

What's OSG?

"Means Ima. Means glasses. Means Popabye the seder man, means spinach, means garbage man, means Papabye the seder man. That's what it means."


"I eat spinach because I'm strong, yeah, that's why. Ima, I can't know the song."

Should I sing it?

"Like I'm talking it, okay?"

Give neglected Shulamis a bite. She's stopped liking spinach now. Oh well.

"What's that new game on the shelf? Is it also for tochterbeans?"

For tochterbeans?

"Yeah, you call me tochterbeans. I can reach the table and you can't reach the table. Na na na na. Ima, I want to play on the floor, Shulamis is on the floor?"

No, she's in the high chair, you can see her.

"Okay, so bring me down the new game, I want to play."

Sarah Rochel, it's dinner now.

"Ima, you should buy a Popabye the seder man."

Sarah Rochel, I want you to eat your dinner.

But - she's gone.

"Ima, I'll ready for the game!"

We're not playing now.

"But I want to play, just me, I can make a Popabye the seder man game with the letters." (She's referring to our new Bananagrams)

Over and out! Cause man, I'm like over and out!

PS - "Give me a tomato! I'm so upset!"

A tomato?

"No, give it to ME!"


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