Monday, June 08, 2009

Remedial tochters

Sarah Rochel: So her ganenet is telling me a cute story* about Sroch, namely that the ganenet gave them all paper with lines on it, and how Sarah Rochel isn't the best at cutting, everyone else is a bit better at it than she is (!!!!) and so my daughter looks at the paper for a bit, then says "I'm not going to bother the lines. I'm going to leave them alone."

She doesn't cut as well as everyone else?!? Immediate OT! Actually, my neighbor is sending her 5 year old to OT for her pencil-grip, and says her daughter is having so much fun she thinks we should get Sroch evaluated just for fun, because the OT is so great to play with and surely they'll find SOMETHING. :)

I'm not really worried about Sroch's cutting. I think it's because she was a late start with scissors, since shouldn't kids not get them until they're 7 years old or something? Shoot. I guess I'll give Llama a pair...

Shulama-llama: We persist in not crawling forward. I'm convinced she can do it, but doesn't want me to know. Aha! But at least she slept well last night, only waking up once from 8 PM to 7 AM. I knew all my re-readings of the sleep books would help (not following them, mind you - just rereading them).

Her metapelet also informs me she's been eating her vegetables. I'm so proud!

*Sroch also got a shout-out in the weekly daf kesher (usually kids aren't mentioned by name there), for when they were learning about the sense of sight last week, the ganenet turned off the light and Sarah Rochel asks if it was because they were playing 'Paroah in Pajamas' again. Love that girl!

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babybean said...

I failed cut & paste in kindergarten... well, not fail. I can't remember what they called it. I think they used a letter system for that stuff, like S was satisfactory and I'm pretty sure I got U for UNsatisfactory. To this day if you want a straight line cut, you don't ask me to do it! Lol. But this is why I love the wrapping paper that has the grid on the back, hehe.