Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We are woefully behind in Llama coverage

...Although you'll be happy to know Llama's behind is very well covered. In fact, her diapers leak so rarely it makes me wonder if I was putting Baby Sarah Rochel's on backwards or something. But in this, as in many, many things, they are NOT the same child!

Shulamis is 8 months old today! Gracious goodness, she's growing like a weed, a very cute and not at all green weed that doesn't wither and get brown and crunchy or drop burrs or thorns in your yard, nor produces pollen of an allergenic nature. Hmm, maybe a different simile would have been better, but the point is she's growing beautifully, and we're so proud of her.

She sits! She even gets into a sitting position by herself (by getting up on all fours and going in reverse - adorable!) which is something Sarah Rochel only mastered much later - but then, Sarah Rochel was crawling by now, but as mentioned about - these are NOT the same kiddos!

She eats! She eats her veggies at the metapelet now, ever since I suggested she add salt. That's my girl. She likes garlic too.

She crawls if you count shoving backwards on all fours crawling! Um, never mind.

She self-feeds! With about 75% accuracy! (Heck, I have days I'm only at that level too, so hey, hot stuff.)

She naps! Like yummy, 2-3 hour naps, sometimes twice a day. Did I mention she and Sroch are decidedly not the same? It's actually been nice - in the afternoons when she naps, Sarah Rochel and I get to have some private time. Lately Sarah Rochel has been very tired in the afternoons (the heat?), very much wanting to stay close to home. So we've been doing lots of cuddling and reading and goofing around - it's been nice. That is, when we're not having 3-7 children over to play in the sprinklers in the backyard. We should have the nicest grass on the block, I tell ya...

She sleeps at night! Well, sorta. Wakes up once between bedtime and morning. Unless it's twice. Or very occasionally three times. Oh well. I don't sleep these days (down at 2 AM, up at 7:30) so what's the difference?

She swings! We just put up the swing my parents brought us a million years ago, you know, the one Sarah Rochel screamed whenever we put it in. Well, FINALLY Sarah Rochel likes it - truly, she has only started using swings in the last six months, before that she hated them - and Llama likes it too.

It was really cute - when Saba and Savta were here (we miss you!) it was so much fun to watch her watch Saba (who is Yoav's father, remember) - like that man looks like my Abba but not quite him... It was great. We had a great time with Saba and Savta!

And now I offer you many, many pictures. Be sure to read the captions, like good little children.


babybean said...

I love Popababye the seder man! That's adorable. Glad to hear the Llama is doing so well. I've tried to give Brendan things to eat to feed himself but if you give him too much, he'll shove the whole thing in his mouth. Like last night, I tried to let him hold his string cheese and he took a huge bite. I took it away from him and boy, was he mad! That little guy has quite a temper. Thank you for the birthday wishes. And I loved the comments about the cat. That must seem really silly to SR1. We love our cat, but probably won't get another one once she's gone. I like outside animals better :-)

Anonymous said...

We love the pictures and already miss you all, kisses, Sabba and Savta

Anonymous said...

It is I Hadassah the great and powerful mother. I just thought I let you know that I check your site every now and then. Your girls are lovely, I hope you schepp nachas from them. I miss you!