Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blog from the floor... again.

Sigh. The last three weeks or so, I started reading the news again. Big mistake. The world, and the Jewish world specifically, is falling apart. I don't remember ever seeing so many headlines of horrible things, one after another after another... Criminals, murderers (murderers! Jews don't do that!), horrible accidents and loss...

Tisha b'Av never felt so timely.

Hashiveinu Hashem alecha venashuva, chadesh yameinu kakadem.
Because even if you have utterly rejected us, you have already raged against us enough.

May this be the last Tisha b'Av on the floor, amen.

For those of us who aren't getting out to shul, you can listen to an Eicha recording here, courtesy of Chabad.

Another appropriate - and frightening- article.

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