Sunday, July 12, 2009

I have 30 minutes to spend on this blog... GO!

Okay, here I am! Insert gratuitous apologies for not blogging, but time has been flying lately, and I have been so bad about blogging... and exercising... and laundry (I actually went I think 10 full days without doing laundry! Can you IMAGINE the pile that was waiting for me?? Oh, I think I did one load in the middle of that of kiddo clothes, because otherwise, some of their clothes have developed sentience by then...

Okay, so, what do we got?

About 2 weeks ago (oh, I am SO bad) Shulamis starting CRAWLING, like real deal forward motion tummy-off-the-ground crawling. Delicious! We're so proud of her. I have a wonderful video that first day she figured it out, but she was already clad in just a diaper so you won't be seeing it online. You can come over for a viewing any time.

Which brings to mind that Sarah Rochel has gotten into things being 'tzanua' lately (that's 'modest', and alludes to the complex laws of dressing and behavior that we follow and that she, please God!, will eventually follow as well, once she stops pulling up her dress on the street to show off her pretty underwear). Like tonight, she asked Yoav to button the three top buttons of her nightgown because it wasn't tzanua. Um... We tried to explain that that's really not an issue, because we do NOT want her to burn out on things like the top button of her pajamas but rather to save her zeal for things like not going out on the mirpeset naked. But it's fun to watch her gain an awareness.

That awareness is, I think, like so many other things these days, a product of her friends. Or, more accurately, her friends' older siblings. My theory is all the children in a family behave as if they were the oldest sibling in the house. So mybestfriendrena often talks like a 12 year old, for example. This leads to my daughter often having comical apathetic teenager expressions on her face, which make it very, very hard for me not to laugh aloud. She also like a, say, 6 or 7 year old, will sometimes pull the whole "if you don't do X then you're not my friend anymore" thing, which I capital-L LOATHE. I am trying to squelch that.

She is getting more mature, which is fun. For example, a couple of exasperating bathtimes ago, as I was going to get her out of the tub and was standing with a blue towel unfurled, she asked for the Mickey Mouse towel (which she hadn't had for about two weeks - see the laundry comment above). As soon as she asked, my face just fell, because it was just ONE more request and I just couldn't deal with any more. She saw my face (I didn't even say anything) and then she said, " okay, let's pretend that's the Mickey Mouse towel." !!!! I was so proud of her! She really pretended, like made me turn it around so it would be Mickey's back, but like - wow. It was really sensitive of her, and I was so proud. She often shows consideration of her sister, but when she's considerate of us it's just stunningly sweet and encouraging.

Argh! Just 10 minutes left! Shoot, I didn't even do pictures yet!

Other cute things recently:

After going to the bathroom, I told her to come here and wash her hands. She said, "The end!" and scampered off. :)

Shulamis was sneezing, and I heard Sarah Rochel going, "Amen!" every time she sneezed. When I asked her about it, she said "I couldn't remember to say 'bless you,' so I said amen." Oh.

Last week we set up the Pack'n'Play (which you saw a picture of in the last post) for Llama to get used to for when we go away for shabbos later this summer but also to contain her (she's crawling now!) when I'm cooking, and Sarah Rochel was very into it as well. She was playing in there while Llama was napping, and then had a whole bout of regression to babyness. This may or may not be related to Thursday's record going through 5 (or was it 6?) pairs of underwear in one day! And today she went through only two. Sigh. It's a process, it's a process..

Shulamis shook her head no for the first time, when I was trying to feed her another bite of "Green beans and brown rice" babyfood (can't say I blame her - blech). And when she was playing with a wire, I told her 'NO' loudly - and she stopped! Wow!

Yoav has gotten Sarah Rochel into looking for Shulamisssss's hair to grow, so Sarah Rochel will often stop in the middle of a sentence and look over and say, "She got a new curl!" It's very cute.

Llama's sleeping has improved again, thank God, so on a good night she's just waking up once around 1-3 AM, nurses and goes back to sleep until 7:30 or so. On a bad night, she's waking up around 11, nursing, waking up at 1 AM, nursing, and waking up at 4 AM, nursing. But - that's rare. I can't decide if I want to do something about this last one or not. I am concerned about her fluid intake - at the risk of being too graphic, I had to buy her prune juice (which she loves) and after a couple days, it was very effacious! More laundry! :)

Shoot. It's almost 12:30 and I hear her making noise. Since she didn't fall asleep until 10 PM (despite bedtime starting at 8:10 PM)... shoot, okay, I'm outa here. I'll do pictures in a few minutes...

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