Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Report: I cave easily

Okay, so LAST night, bless Llama's little tractable heart, after she was up all that time with us, she slept quietly and solidly until almost 7 AM. Wow! So she went the whole night last night without nursing.

She then took a 3 hour morning nap (!) and still napped in the afternoon. And bedtime was easy - yay!

So when tonight she woke up around midnight, Yoav went in - and he just sat down in the chair. She was quiet almost right away, and clearly fell back asleep. Hard to know how long it took - I came and woke up Yoav about an hour later. :) I suspect Shulamis went down much faster.

So then NOW, at 4 AM, when she woke up, I was a) totally in DEEP sleep, so I was very confused, and b) Shulamis pushed the magic Mommy-button that makes me give into any child's demands:

She was waking the other child up.

So after covering my big girl back up, gentle reader, I nursed that baby. And she nursed for almost 30 solid minutes, and then went silently and easily back into her crib (still awake) and quietly went back to sleep .

In conclusion, she just needs coaching, and I'm the one who needs training. Or at least I need sleep, because hello, now it's 4:38 AM - why am I up?

Right. Cause you're reading this. :) Goodnight!

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