Sunday, July 12, 2009

Yoga and wrestling

Llama is an expert crawler now. What she lacks in speed she makes up for in form. Here is 'normal' crawl...

...and here is her 'Downward Dog' routine, like she straightens her legs like she wants to stand up, but of course, she can't stand up. She almost pulled herself up to standing in her crib this evening, which means that crib is getting lowered ASAP! Yikes! Gulp.

This just LOOKS like a headlock. But it's just cuddle-time. Really. (Aside to my mother - doesn't Shulamis look like my baby pictures here, like a lot?)

Can't you just see Sroch giving me this look as a teenager? So can I. Gulp again!
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babybean said...

Shulamis does look like you in your baby pics! Brendan continues to look exactly like Brent. I keep seeing him make faces that I know quite well. The downward dog comment made me laugh. Brendan spreads his legs apart and pushes his butt up in the air when he stands up from the ground. It's really cute!