Friday, August 07, 2009

Miss Llama

I often call her 'Miss Llama' - yet another derivation of Shula-miss, no doubt.

Shualmis has attained Maximum Baby Cuteness, which I say begins at about 9 months and lasts until about a year. After that, well, it's downhill. Oh, you might have Toddler Cuteness, or even Three-and-a-half Cuteness (which we currently do), but it ain't the same.

I had a couple of other fantastically cute videos of Sroch and Shlama interaction, but I had neglected to recall they both feature a fantastically underdressed Srochel. So while I think her tushy is the cutest thing in the world (a title shared equally by Shulamis's's', which has fleshed out nicely from it's previous newborn wrinkly state), it's not exactly what I want to be publishing online. A pity. Come on over and watch it here on my computer (worth the trip).

SPEAKING of trips, My Amazing Husband has been plotting our 10th anniversary for some time. I finally found out where he planned to take me... SWITZERLAND! Is that amazing or what? Only someone who's lived through August in Ramat Beit Shemesh can appreciate how good snow sounds right about now (pant pant).

(Aside: Sarah Rochel and I had this exchange on the walk back from camp last week:
Me: "It's really hot today, right? There's a lot of sunshine."
Sroch: "Yeah, Hashem needs to take some of the sunshine back!")

But - we're not going. With the baby it wouldn't be the same kind of vacation at all, and without the baby - well, either it would be very short, or it would probably mean weaning. And I'm just not ready to do that yet.* There will be time and time for the European vacation part of our lives.

So instead, next week (many thanks to Saba and Savta coming to babysit (and visit of course) - yay!) we're going to go off for like 36 hours without the children. I'm sure we'll have a great time, assuming I overcome the temptation to literally sleep the entire time. And a week later we're gonna do it again. We'll be going to a tzimmer (lit: cabin) up north. There are hundreds of them up north, little wood structures with beds, kitchenettes and jacuzzis. Apparently, vacation spots in Israel are defined by jacuzzis. Nu nu, I am NOT complaining!

Back to the children... everyone told me with Baby Sarah Rochel, "enjoy it - it all goes so fast!" But with her - it didn't. A month felt like a month (go on, say it - "Maybe because you blogged more!"). It's like when you're driving somewhere for the first time and it seems to take a long time because you're watching carefully. But then when you drive there again, it seems to go much faster. Ditto for Her Highness #2. Like this babyship really IS going by so fast. Crazy stuff.

Have I mentioned Llama's face totally changed in the last few weeks? Like sometimes I hardly recognize her, like - weren't you much younger yesterday? Growth is amazing. I mean, she eats enough to be growing (item: she eats more food than Sarah Rochel, and not more food than 9 month old Sarah Rochel did, more food than 3 year old Sarah Rochel eats now).

Her crawl has already changed from 'normal crawl' to 'Israeli child living on hard hard hard floors crawl', so she kinda boogies forward dragging one leg, moving the other forward on the palm of her foot. Easier on the knees.

She's old enough to chase me around the house.

She's old enough to wrestle with her sister - um, well, it happens, whether or not she's old enough it happens, and they both enjoy it immensely.

She's old enough to - THANK YOU HASHEM! - sleep through the night totally, something she's done quite a few times except, of course, for two nights ago when Yoav was away and Llama was up for most of 11 PM-4 AM. Harumph.

Okay, shabbos is soon, I gotta go. But for the nth time - thank you, thank you Hashem for my delicious girlies. Bli ayin hara.

*I just wanted to point out that my education was good enough that, each time I start a sentence with the word 'and,' I feel like I'm going to get into trouble.

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